Lammert de Wit (Top reviewer) voegde 1329 recensies toe en gaf een gemiddelde score van 6.59/10.

Tijd Titel Score

Loving Vincent6/10 A Pyromaniac's Love Story7/10 La Dénonciation5/10 Outland4/10 Ghost of Tsushima7/10 Creation7/10 Afterwards6/10 The Insider6/10 The Grey5/10 Aquaman8/10 The Thing5/10 The Thing4/10 Indecent Proposal8/10 Wonder Woman9/10 In Country7/10 Edge Of Darkness6/10 Edge of Darkness7/10 Abominable8/10 The Gospel of John9/10 Film Music6/10 Catch-227/10 Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill for6/10 Sin City7/10 Milk7/10 Aquaman8/10 Blades of Glory8/10 Nowhere to Run7/10 Catherine The Great8/10 Swing Vote6/10 Scarface7/10 The Alienist5/10 Murder at 16007/10 Congo8/10 Open Season: Scared Silly7/10 Storks6/10 The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter7/10 Just Go With It8/10 Enemy Mine6/10 Everest6/10 Playing by Heart7/10 Battlefield 2: Modern Combat6/10 Every Thing Will Be Fine7/10 Definitely, Maybe9/10 Postman Pat: The Movie8/10 Prometheus5/10 Quest for Camelot9/10 The Prisoner4/10 Whale Rider6/10 A Late Quartet7/10 Winter's Tale7/10 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 28/10 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 27/10 Hotel Rwanda5/10 Edge of Tomorrow5/10 Body Heat7/10 Bedtime Stories8/10 Nuovo Cinema Paradiso9/10 La Tenda Rossa9/10 La Tenda Rossa8/10 Maddalena6/10 Cinema Paradiso9/10 La Califfa9/10 Le Professionnel9/10 Le Professionnel7/10 The Thing4/10 Maddalena7/10 La Califfa9/10 Duello nel Texas7/10 Pane e Libertà9/10 Smokin' Aces5/10 The Legend Of Tarzan8/10 After the Fall4/10 Judge Dredd9/10 Runaway4/10 The Crown: Season Two7/10 Playing by Heart7/10 The Crown: Season One7/10 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 17/10 Artemis Fowl8/10 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 18/10 Hacksaw Ridge9/10 Money Train6/10 Hannibal Rising6/10 Over the Hedge6/10 Rainbow Six Siege: Year 25/10 Rainbow Six Siege: Year 13/10 Tron Run/R2/10 The Bride9/10 Free Willy 3: The Rescue8/10 Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home7/10 Free Willy8/10 A Passage to India7/10 Smokin' Aces3/10 How to Lose Friends & Alienate People6/10 Let’s Be Cops5/10 Thérèse Desqueyroux7/10 Continuum, Season 2 & 37/10 Continuum6/10 Good Will Hunting6/10 The Man Who Would Be King8/10 Birth5/10 Moulin Rouge!9/10 Is Paris Burning?8/10 Shrek Forever After9/10 Shrek the Third8/10 Electric Dreams7/10 Nate and Hayes7/10 Tai-Pan8/10 The Great Debaters7/10 Die Hard6/10 Shōgun4/10 Shrek the Third5/10 Foxes5/10 Jesus of Nazareth7/10 I Love You, Beth Cooper7/10 Hot Fuzz7/10 Fatal Attraction3/10 Hoffa7/10 The Dove6/10 Maldonne5/10 The Thin Blue Line8/10 Enemy Mine6/10 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse7/10 A Passage to India7/10 The Sum of All Fears7/10 eSTheR KaHN6/10 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome5/10 Ouragan5/10 Mamba6/10 Lawrence of Arabia8/10 Dragonheart: Vengeance10/10 Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties6/10 Silent Hill: Revelation 3D3/10 Jacob's Ladder5/10 Informer7/10 Is Paris Burning?7/10 Sherlock Series 4: The Final Problem8/10 Sherlock Series 4: The Lying Detective6/10 Sherlock Series 4: The Six Thatchers7/10 Diva4/10 Ryan's Daughter6/10 Sherlock: The Abominable Bride7/10 Shōgun4/10 Sherlock: Series Three6/10 Sherlock: Series Two7/10 Sherlock: Series One4/10 Enola Gay7/10 Best Laid Plans7/10 Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend7/10 Abandon3/10 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome6/10 Passengers6/10 Doctor Zhivago7/10 Dead Ringers7/10 The Clearing6/10 Almost an Angel6/10 Deep Water6/10 Nid de Guêpes6/10 Lawrence of Arabia7/10 Nimrod Nation7/10 Gorillas in the Mist5/10 La 7ème Cible8/10 Tabarly8/10 Enemies, A Love Story5/10 Dreamscape4/10 Hot Fuzz7/10 Halt and Catch Fire Vol 27/10 Toute la mémoire du monde4/10 Shipwrecked7/10 The White Crow8/10 I Dreamed of Africa7/10 Charlie Bartlett5/10 Au Nom de Tous les Miens6/10 Erased6/10 Karol: Un Papa Rimasto Uomo6/10 Karol: Un Uomo Diventato Papa6/10 Almost an Angel6/10 Quigley Down Under9/10 Uprising7/10 La Boum 26/10 La Boum8/10 The Bone Collector8/10 The Cabin in the Woods4/10 Merlin7/10 Fools of Fortune10/10 Thin Ice7/10 Kiss of Death7/10 Return to Paradise8/10 La Boum7/10 From Hell7/10 American Gangster5/10 Turistas6/10 Get Santa8/10 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen7/10 Diva4/10 The Mission8/10 Nate and Hayes7/10 Deep Impact9/10 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit7/10 Sea of Love6/10 Noah6/10 Mississippi Burning6/10 Heartless6/10 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home6/10 The Dark Crystal6/10 Alexandre Le bienheureux6/10 Così Come Sei7/10 Runaway Train6/10 Labyrinth6/10 The Crucible6/10 The Comfort of Strangers7/10 A Good Year7/10 Chaos6/10 A Little Romance8/10 Le Dîner de Cons7/10 Following / Memento / Spivs5/10 Dinotopia : Complete Original TV Score Episode III7/10 Dinotopia : Complete Original TV Score Episode II7/10 Dinotopia : Complete Original TV Score Episode I8/10 U Turn5/10 Rocket Gibraltar7/10 Fields of Freedom8/10 Desperate Measures7/10 Cast away10/10 An American Tail8/10 Dark City7/10 Arachnophobia6/10 Noah6/10 Penthouse North4/10 Thirteen Days7/10 Angel Heart6/10 Point of No Return6/10 Runaway Train6/10 Exposed7/10 The Dark Crystal6/10 Dinotopia9/10 Heaven Is for Real7/10 Mary Reilly6/10 Szabadság, Szerelem8/10 *batteries not included6/10 Cool Runnings9/10 Man on Fire6/10 Miami Vice7/10 Highlander: Endgame6/10 Casper8/10 The Untouchables8/10 Der Kleine Eisbär 2 - Die geheimnisvolle Insel9/10 Cat's Eye3/10 Home Alone 36/10 Shaft6/10 Fool's Gold7/10 Lauras Stern9/10 Miami Vice6/10 Attila7/10 Ladyhawke8/10 A Sound of Thunder6/10 Elvis & Nixon6/10 Sense and Sensibility8/10 Balto8/10 Passengers7/10 Miami Vice Expanded7/10 Forrest Gump10/10 Jaws6/10 Species II6/10 Because I Said So7/10 Dedication6/10 Chariots of Fire7/10 Gorky Park7/10 Insomnia6/10 Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence7/10 Small Soldiers8/10 Derailed5/10 The Departed8/10 The Last Samurai8/10 Bad News Bears6/10 Nikita4/10 Enemy at the Gates7/10 Abduction5/10 88 Minutes4/10 La Leggenda del Pianista sull'Oceano7/10 Charlie's Angels - Blue Streak6/10 Mulan7/10 Cool Runnings8/10 The Governess4/10 Memento5/10 The Skeleton Key5/10 Enemy of the State5/10 Mother and Child7/10 The Wings of the Dove6/10 Strength and Honour7/10 The Dark Knight7/10 Dolores Claiborne6/10 Out of Africa8/10 Batman Begins7/10 The Phantom of the Opera8/10 In from the Night / Silver Bells9/10 The Cowboys6/10 Kick-Ass9/10 Fantastic Mr. Fox - Additional Music From The Original Score6/10 Black Beauty7/10 A Sound of Thunder5/10 Waterworld7/10 The Lost Child10/10 The Flintstones5/10 Kingdom of Heaven7/10 Altamira7/10 Miami Vice III5/10 The Shawshank Redemption6/10 The Sims 48/10 Sleeper Cell American Terror5/10 Cold Mountain8/10 The Departed7/10 Kung Fu Panda 27/10 The Soloist7/10 Saving Sarah Cain8/10 Close Encounters of the Third Kind5/10 The Descent: Part 24/10 Collide4/10 Wildling6/10 Inception7/10 Warlock: The Armageddon9/10 Once Upon a Time in America8/10 Per un Pugno di Dollari8/10 Swallows And Amazons7/10 Pocahontas7/10 Sex and the City 25/10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege3/10 Savior5/10 Sex and the City7/10 Max & Me10/10 Up7/10 Black Sea5/10 While She Was Out5/10 Mulan8/10 Jamaa8/10 The Dark Knight Rises7/10 The Russia House8/10 Justin and the Knights of Valour8/10 Lost7/10 Prom Night3/10 The Last Sin Eater7/10 The Dark Knight8/10 John Q.7/10 Dr. Thorne7/10 Spider-Man 26/10 Need for Speed: Undercover5/10 Ladies in Lavender9/10 Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde7/10 Batman Begins9/10 Shaun the Sheep Movie7/10 No Good Deed5/10 Mr. & Mrs. Smith7/10 Miami Rhapsody6/10 Blizzard10/10 The Exception7/10 Elizabethtown7/10 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter6/10 A League of Their Own8/10 Frank And Jesse8/10 Ninja Assassin5/10 Halt and Catch Fire7/10 Point Break6/10 Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques8/10 The Ultimate Life9/10 Still Alice7/10 The Girl Next Door5/10 French Kiss7/10 Pride and Glory5/10 Durango9/10 Austenland8/10 The Takers5/10 Forever Young8/10 The Black Dahlia6/10 The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca9/10 Retreat5/10 A Fistful of Dollars7/10 Death Race5/10 Miracle7/10 Highlander8/10 The Ultimate Gift9/10 47 Ronin7/10 Underworld: Awakening5/10 The Crazies3/10 The Iron Giant8/10 The Greatest Miracle10/10 Coriolanus4/10 Back to the Future Part III7/10 The Three Musketeers8/10 Lions for Lambs6/10 Last Action Hero6/10 The Notebook8/10 Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire7/10 The Snowman and the Snowdog7/10 Crank5/10 Love at Large7/10 Mr. Holland's Opus9/10 Johnny English Reborn7/10 Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse7/10 In the Blood7/10 Nell7/10 X-Men6/10 A League of Their Own7/10 Dragonheart: A New Beginning8/10 Stuart Little 27/10 Warrior6/10 Adventures in Babysitting6/10 Vacancy4/10 La Piovra6/10 Centurion6/10 Quiz Show6/10 The Iron Giant7/10 King Solomon's Mines8/10 Shoot 'Em Up7/10 Fly Away Home7/10 Crusoe5/10 Dolphin Tale8/10 Open Range9/10 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Recording Sessions)7/10 Honey, I Blew Up The Kid5/10 The Mist3/10 Highlander8/10 Team America: World Police7/10 Jack6/10 In the Valley of Elah6/10 Hocus Pocus7/10 Back to the Future II7/10 Last Action Hero5/10 Don't Say a Word6/10 Liar Liar8/10 Brazil7/10 Afterglow6/10 Dick6/10 My Name is Nobody8/10 Back to Gaya8/10 A River Runs Through It9/10 Komodo6/10 La Piovra7/10 The Winter Guest8/10 Love Actually8/10 Crossing Over7/10 Iron Man 27/10 Neverwas8/10 The Hitcher4/10 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves8/10 Doctor Who6/10 Ice Age7/10 Running Scared6/10 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone7/10 King Solomon's Mines8/10 The Relic3/10 101 Dalmatians9/10 We Own the Night7/10 Stuart Little9/10 Aliens in the Attic5/10 Freedom Writers6/10 The Phantom7/10 Death and the Maiden6/10 Lethal Weapon6/10 The Passion of the Christ8/10 Serenity5/10 Don Juan DeMarco8/10 Le Roi et l'Oiseau7/10 Elf7/10 The Runestone5/10 König der Letzten Tage7/10 Alex Cross5/10 I Love Trouble7/10 The Young Riders7/10 Twister8/10 Fire Birds6/10 The Ant Bully7/10 The Fugitive5/10 Galaxy Quest7/10 Valentine's Day7/10 Dr.Seuss' The Cat in the Hat7/10 Il grande silenzio6/10 Snow Dogs8/10 Remember the Titans10/10 Little Monsters6/10 The Change-Up6/10 Stuart Little9/10 Addams Family Values7/10 Hoffa8/10 The Replacements4/10 The Haunted Mansion7/10 Anastasia9/10 The Guardian7/10 The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas6/10 The Addams Family7/10 Die Konferenz der Tiere8/10 Stuart Little7/10 Heathers6/10 Philomena7/10 The Emperor's New Groove6/10 Jingle All the Way7/10 Critters5/10 The Guardian6/10 Coneheads / Talent For The Game / The Itsy Bitsy Spider7/10 Aeon Flux6/10 Paradise / Can't Buy Me Love9/10 Never Let Me Go8/10 Titan A.E.6/10 Jingle All the Way6/10 Anna Karenina7/10 August Rush10/10 Matilda6/10 Red Planet7/10 Quartet8/10 La Resa dei Conti6/10 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure6/10 Strange Days5/10 The Brothers Grimm6/10 Black Knight8/10 [Est] Ouest9/10 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle8/10 In This World6/10 Beethoven's 2nd9/10 Indochine7/10 Until the End of the World8/10 Jane Eyre7/10 Balls of Fury8/10 The Siege7/10 Call of Duty 28/10 Eat Pray Love6/10 Less Than Zero5/10 Water for Elephants7/10 Tank Girl4/10 The Last of the Mohicans8/10 Anna Karenina7/10 The People Under the Stairs4/10 The Hunley8/10 Bowfinger6/10 V for Vendetta7/10 Eaters of the Dead6/10 The Whole Nine Yards5/10 Dead Again7/10 L' Arnacœur7/10 Salmon Fishing in the Yemen7/10 Assault on Precinct 135/10 Shanghai Knights7/10 Ghostbusters II6/10 Constantine4/10 Goodbye Bafana6/10 Pineapple Express5/10 Shanghai Noon8/10 Adaptation5/10 Happy Now6/10 From Dusk Till Dawn5/10 The Distinguished Gentleman8/10 The Blind Side8/10 Everybody's Fine8/10 Stanno tutti bene7/10 Kindergarten Cop9/10 A Serious man6/10 Beyond the Gates (Shooting Dogs)7/10 The Stepford Wives8/10 While You Were Sleeping9/10 Intolerable Cruelty7/10 Jeremiah7/10 The Young Americans5/10 Twins6/10 The Corruptor6/10 Eloise at the Plaza / Eloise at Christmastime8/10 L' Immortel7/10 Enough6/10 Anaconda6/10 The Man Who Wasn't There7/10 True Women7/10 Four Brothers7/10 My Cousin Vinny7/10 Mildred Pierce7/10 Always6/10 Heart of Darkness6/10 Wing Commander7/10 Daylight8/10 Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 23/10 The Presidio5/10 The Musketeer8/10 Leap Year10/10 Fur5/10 21 grams4/10 Last Flight Out7/10 Changing Lanes4/10 S1m0ne6/10 A Shot at Glory7/10 Battlestar Galactica: Season 47/10 The Ballad of Lucy Whipple7/10 Castle in the Sky7/10 Last of the Dogmen9/10 Being John Malkovich6/10 Last Exit to Brooklyn7/10 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey8/10 RoboCop7/10 Silverado6/10 2 Fast 2 Furious4/10 Baby's Day Out8/10 Secretariat8/10 Honey, I Blew Up the Kid5/10 Radio Flyer9/10 JAG7/10 Last Rites9/10 Cal8/10 Stay Tuned6/10 天空の城ラピュタ6/10 Narrow Margin5/10 Local Hero7/10 Miracle on 34th Street9/10 Roughing It7/10 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey8/10 The Boy Who Could Fly7/10 Videodrome2/10 Glory & Honor9/10 The Presidio6/10 Music for a Small Orchestra7/10 Starship Troopers8/10 RoboCop7/10 Days of Heaven8/10 Che C'Entriamo noi con la Rivoluzione?6/10 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory7/10 Les Misérables10/10 Conan the Destroyer7/10 Spellbinder6/10 Wind9/10 Quigley Down Under9/10 Starship Troopers7/10 RoboCop7/10 Amerika8/10 The Hunt for Red October7/10 The Legend of Butch and Sundance9/10 The Blue Lagoon8/10 Lonesome Dove10/10 Red Dawn6/10 The Touch8/10 For Love of the Game8/10 Flight of the Intruder6/10 The Hours9/10 Sleeping with the Enemy8/10 La Révolution française7/10 Our Mother's House7/10 WALL·E7/10 White Oleander4/10 Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events7/10 Fried Green Tomatoes6/10 Fried Green Tomatoes7/10 The Help8/10 The Salton Sea5/10 Erin Brockovich5/10 Pay It Forward5/10 American Beauty5/10 American Beauty5/10 The Horse Whisperer6/10 Domestic Disturbance7/10 Days of Heaven6/10 Faccia a Faccia6/10 Incontro7/10 The Island4/10 City Of Angels6/10 Les 1001 Nuits6/10 14084/10 Sylvia7/10 Sacco e Vanzetti8/10 Azur et Asmar7/10 Wings of Courage7/10 The Next Best Thing6/10 L' Arche et les Déluges5/10 37°2 Le Matin5/10 The English Patient7/10 Message In A Bottle8/10 Message in a Bottle8/10 Autumn in New York7/10 Camille Claudel7/10 Tarzan8/10 Fair Game6/10 Assassins4/10 Speed 2: Cruise Control8/10 Speed6/10 Twister8/10 My Best Friend's Wedding7/10 My Best Friend's Wedding10/10 Sorcery6/10 Training Day6/10 Training Day3/10 Money Train7/10 Regarding Henry8/10 Hour of the Gun6/10 The Sum Of All Fears7/10 Sleeping with the Enemy7/10 Hour of the Gun6/10 Looney Tunes: Back in Action6/10 Small Soldiers8/10 The 13th Warrior8/10 The Edge8/10 The Edge7/10 I.Q. / Seconds7/10 The Vanishing7/10 Rudy10/10 Medicine Man8/10 The Vanishing7/10 The Russia House8/10 The 'Burbs8/10 The Mephisto Waltz3/10 The Boys from Brazil7/10 Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend7/10 Twilight's Last Gleaming5/10 Outland5/10 Death at a Funeral5/10 The Pink Panther7/10 The Final Destination6/10 The Killing Room7/10 The Big Empty6/10 Annapolis7/10 Terror Tract7/10 Frailty7/10 Indecent Proposal7/10 Dances with Wolves9/10 The Count of Monte Cristo7/10 Reign of Fire3/10 Pride8/10 Touchback8/10 Driftwood7/10 The Tale of Despereaux8/10 The Black Stallion Returns8/10 A Summer Story9/10 Her Alibi8/10 Descente aux enfers7/10 L' Incorrigible / Va Voir Maman, Papa Travaille7/10 Women in Love6/10 Les Pianos Mécaniques5/10 Diên Biên Phu9/10 Tours du Monde, Tours du Ciel10/10 Le Fils du Français6/10 Le Furet4/10 When in Rome7/10 La Vache et le Président7/10 La Cloche Tibétaine7/10 Curly Sue8/10 Anne of the Thousand Days6/10 La Trilogie Marseillaise de Marcel Pagnol: César6/10 La Trilogie Marseillaise de Marcel Pagnol: Fanny7/10 La Trilogie Marseillaise de Marcel Pagnol: Marius7/10 Les Palmes de M. Schutz6/10 The 25th Hour6/10 La Révolution Française 2ème Epoque 6/10 La Révolution Française Première Epoque8/10 La Soif de l'Or5/10 Les Malheurs d'Alfred5/10 Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob7/10 L' Etudiante7/10 La Zizanie5/10 La Gloire de Mon Père / Le Château de ma Mère7/10 La Gloire de mon Père7/10 Levy et Goliath7/10 Châteauvallon8/10 Mistral's Daughter9/10 L' Amour en Heritage9/10 L' Année Prochaine... Si Tout Va Bien6/10 Jumanji6/10 Michel Strogoff7/10 L' Animal6/10 La Dérobade8/10 Jade3/10 Apollo 139/10 Con Air5/10 Rules of Engagement5/10 The Portrait of a Lady9/10 Bram Stoker's Dracula6/10 The Ninth Gate6/10 The Legend of Bagger Vance8/10 Hart's War7/10 Jumanji6/10 Balto9/10 Veronica Guerin8/10 Apollo 138/10 The Rundown5/10 The Missing7/10 Chinatown6/10 Phone Booth3/10 Gosford Park7/10 Auto Focus6/10 La Cité des Enfants Perdus7/10 The Wrong Box7/10 The Whole Wide World7/10 Life as a House9/10 Into the West8/10 A Thousand Words7/10 Passionada7/10 Chicken Run8/10 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas9/10 Spy Game7/10 The Magic of Marciano8/10 The Replacement Killers4/10 Frankenstein8/10 Needful Things7/10 Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence5/10 The Handmaid's Tale4/10 La Storia Vera della Signora dalle Camelie7/10 Raise the Titanic8/10 The Wrong Box7/10 Underworld: Rise of the Lycans4/10 High Road to China8/10 Dr. No5/10 On Her Majesty's Secret Service8/10 The Stoning of Soraya M.7/10 Monte Walsh7/10 Cast Away / Serendipity7/10 King Ralph / Junior9/10 Exotica4/10 500 Days Of Summer7/10 Meet Dave7/10 The Scorpion King6/10 Fargo / Barton Fink5/10 Swimfan4/10 Hamlet6/10 Così Come Sei7/10 Underworld: Evolution6/10 Smilla's Sense of Snow5/10 Junior8/10 Cosa Avete Fatto a Solange?4/10 Underworld5/10 Eight Legged Freaks - Arac Attack5/10 Grand Canyon6/10 La Dame aux Camélias7/10 The Sheltering Sky5/10 The House of the Spirits9/10 星になった少年6/10 Cosa Avete Fatto a Solange?4/10 High Heels5/10 Cat's Eye3/10 Independence Day9/10 The Scarlet Letter8/10 Wuthering Heights5/10 Love's Labour's Lost8/10 Twin Peaks: Fire walk with me5/10 Dolores Claiborne5/10 The Nightmare Before Christmas9/10 The Comfort of Strangers7/10 Twin Peaks: Season 25/10 Wild at Heart6/10 Man to Man8/10 Lethal Weapon 36/10 Ignacio6/10 The Shipping News7/10 Sinister2/10 Barry Lyndon7/10 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest6/10 On Any Sunday5/10 The Brotherhood of the Bell / A Step Out of Line4/10 The Red Pony6/10 We Were Soldiers7/10 Somewhere in Time8/10 Leviathan7/10 TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles6/10 TMNT8/10 Seven Days in Utopia8/10 À Bout Portant4/10 The Client8/10 Giù la Testa6/10 Krull7/10 Mesrine8/10 The Ten Commandments8/10 The Omen5/10 Kiss of the Dragon7/10 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark6/10 The Hurt Locker3/10 Max Payne6/10 The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada6/10 Rebellion4/10 The Recruit5/10 Dylan Dog: Dead of Night5/10 Rescue Dawn9/10 Starcrash7/10 Oliver Twist7/10 The Dove6/10 Escape from New York5/10 Cast a Giant Shadow7/10 Breakfast at Tiffany's6/10 Sacco and Vanzetti7/10 Philadelphia6/10 Philadelphia6/10 You've Got Mail6/10 You've Got Mail7/10 Gandhi4/10 Shadowlands8/10 Flushed Away5/10 Gods and Generals10/10 Dinosaur (Complete)9/10 Le Petit Nicolas7/10 Snow Falling on Cedars7/10 Stargate8/10 Independence Day8/10 The One5/10 Tamara Drewe6/10 De Battre Mon Cœur s'est Arrêté4/10 Largo Winch6/10 The Mask6/10 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor9/10 Black Rain6/10 Come See the Paradise7/10 Black Rain6/10 Only You9/10 Grey Gardens7/10 Where Angels Fear to Tread9/10 The Lake House8/10 The Abyss6/10 The Long Kiss Goodnight6/10 The Long Kiss Goodnight5/10 Practical Magic9/10 Practical Magic6/10 Flight of the Navigator6/10 Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box10/10 Die Hard: With a Vengeance5/10 Die Hard 2: Die Harder6/10 Men of Honor8/10 Agora6/10 I Capture the Castle6/10 Flicka 29/10 Flicka9/10 Hard Target6/10 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs7/10 The Return5/10 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre3/10 Naqoyqatsi7/10 Powaqqatsi6/10 Koyaanisqatsi5/10 Mrs. Doubtfire6/10 The Yards8/10 Godsend4/10 Greatest Game Ever Played9/10 Just Cause7/10 Dave9/10 Dave9/10 The Postman8/10 The Fugitive6/10 Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang6/10 A Perfect Murder5/10 Wyatt Earp8/10 Primal Fear5/10 Love Happens8/10 The Exorcism of Emily Rose3/10 Judicial Consent6/10 Beetlejuice6/10 Instinct7/10 Good Will Hunting6/10 Dick Tracy6/10 Black Beauty7/10 Henry V7/10 Hamlet9/10 Wah-Wah8/10 As You Like It8/10 A Little Princess9/10 How to Steal a Million7/10 The Spitfire Grill8/10 The Reivers8/10 Iris7/10 Baarìa9/10 L' Avventuriero9/10 Contact7/10 Battlestar Galactica: Season 37/10 Forrest Gump8/10 Romancing the Stone5/10 The Polar Express7/10 Predator 25/10 La Stagione dei Sensi4/10 The Game3/10 Gone in 60 Seconds3/10 The 6th Day7/10 Gone in 60 Seconds5/10 Il Grande silenzio6/10 Flyboys7/10 Rio7/10 Comandamenti per un Gangster4/10 Hamlet4/10 A Time to Die6/10 Hero7/10 The Company of Wolves3/10 The Island5/10 Mission to Mars6/10 Faccia a Faccia6/10 L' Avventuriero9/10 ...E per Tetto un Cielo di Stelle6/10 Navajo Joe5/10 Chain Reaction7/10 Forever Young8/10 Ghost5/10 Ray7/10 No Strings Attached7/10 End of Days1/10 In the Line of Fire5/10 Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story9/10 Terminator 2: Judgment Day3/10 Léon5/10 Jan Hammer: Miami Vice6/10 Miami Vice6/10 Miami Vice II7/10 The Terminator4/10 Somewhere in Time7/10 Monk5/10 Crocodile Dundee5/10 The Message5/10 Dead Again7/10 Ladder 498/10 The Lion in Winter8/10 The General's Daughter6/10 Twilight6/10 Pour elle8/10 Your Highness7/10 The Notebook7/10 Judge Dredd7/10 The Cowboys6/10 Face/Off6/10 American Outlaws8/10 Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love2/10 Premonition7/10 Eagle Eye6/10 Cutthroat Island9/10 Green Dragon8/10 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider4/10 Battlestar Galactica: Season 27/10 Starman7/10 Bangkok Dangerous8/10 Captain America: The First Avenger5/10 Streets of Fire7/10 Battlestar Galactica: Season 16/10 Naked Lunch3/10 Battlestar Galactica3/10 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron10/10 Cold Mountain6/10 Splash8/10 The Boy Who Could Fly6/10 Caddyshack7/10 Dead Ringers / Scanners / The Brood4/10 Six Days Seven Nights8/10 Giu' la Testa6/10 Short Circuit5/10 *batteries not included5/10 Gridiron Gang7/10 The Breakfast Club6/10 Armageddon8/10 Armageddon7/10 12 Monkeys3/10 Little Shop of Horrors7/10 Batman: Arkham City7/10 Police Academy8/10 The Last Starfighter8/10 Entrapment7/10 Pee-wee's Big Adventure / Back to School5/10 Career Opportunities5/10 The Incredible Hulk7/10 El Greco9/10 Antarctica6/10 Die Unendliche Geschichte7/10 The NeverEnding Story9/10 Fast Five2/10 Fast Five6/10 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 36/10 Conan the Barbarian5/10 Lethal Weapon 24/10 127 Hours5/10 The Taking of Pelham 1 2 34/10 Cowboys & Aliens7/10 The Conspirator6/10 Doom3/10 Below6/10 Congo7/10 City Heat7/10 Spirited Away6/10 Cleopatra8/10 Heat6/10 Universal Soldier6/10 The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne8/10 Transformers Prime9/10 The Saint7/10 Runaway4/10 The Smurfs6/10 August Rush7/10 Changeling5/10 Howl6/10 Arizona Dream5/10 天空の城ラピュタ7/10 Mr. & Mrs. Smith7/10 Babylon A.D.8/10 Sahara8/10 My Sister's Keeper7/10 The Legend of 19008/10 The Young Victoria10/10 The Ugly Truth5/10 Cat People3/10 Jarhead4/10 Mr. Bean´s Holiday8/10 Gears of War 26/10 An American Tail: Fievel Goes West8/10 An American Tail8/10 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 26/10 The Godfather: Part III6/10 The Godfather: Part II8/10 Brother Bear8/10 Ladyhawke6/10 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas8/10 おくりびと8/10 Once Upon a Forest8/10 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol7/10 Helter Skelter6/10 We Were Soldiers10/10 Star Trek: Generations7/10 The Thomas Crown Affair6/10 American Gangster7/10 Drive4/10 The Addams Family7/10 Wag the Dog7/10 North by Northwest7/10 Gnomeo and Juliet5/10 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World2/10 Gears of War 36/10 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country7/10 Sleuth8/10 I, Robot6/10 Taken6/10 The Descent3/10 Let the Right One In7/10 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home6/10 Metroland6/10 The Day the Earth Stood Still4/10 Faster5/10 The Truman Show8/10 Lolita6/10 Dangerous Liaisons8/10 Plunkett & Macleane5/10 Love Actually9/10 Midnight Run6/10 Bruce Almighty9/10 Transformers: Dark of the Moon9/10 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen8/10 Batman & Robin6/10 Batman Forever5/10 Star Trek: The Motion Picture6/10 Green Zone7/10 FernGully: The Last Rainforest6/10 Horton Hears a Who!7/10 Aladdin7/10 The Hunt for Red October7/10 Gorky Park7/10 L' Adversaire8/10 Watchmen5/10 Princess Mononoke6/10 Chocolat7/10 The Virgin Suicides4/10 Man on the Moon5/10 The Bourne Identity6/10 Corpse Bride8/10 Bee Movie9/10 The Fifth Element2/10 The Cable Guy6/10 Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild6/10 Basic Instinct 25/10 Bicentennial Man9/10 The Prestige2/10 InVincible7/10 The Three Musketeers9/10 Star Trek9/10 Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo9/10 The Dead Zone5/10 Il Mio nome è Nessuno9/10 Rise of the Planet of the Apes8/10 Ever After10/10 Conan the Barbarian8/10 Conan the Destroyer7/10 As Good as it Gets7/10 The Tempest3/10 Bruce Almighty8/10 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen6/10 The Princess Bride7/10 Chicken Little7/10 Aliens6/10 The Quiet American6/10 Jig7/10 Blue Velvet6/10 Green Card8/10 Event Horizon4/10 Igor8/10 The Kite Runner5/10 Flags of Our Fathers5/10 Big Fish9/10 The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc6/10 Platoon6/10 Band of Brothers9/10 Catwoman4/10 Une Femme Française8/10 Basic5/10 Basic Instinct6/10 Small World9/10 Duplicity7/10 Knowing6/10 Fast & Furious6/10 Chéri7/10 Twin Peaks5/10 Once Upon a Time in Mexico7/10 The Karate Kid8/10 House of Sand and Fog6/10 In Bruges5/10 Backdraft9/10 Earthquake6/10 The Patriot9/10 U-5717/10 Brokeback Mountain7/10 Nim's Island8/10 The Man in the Iron Mask10/10 The Town5/10 Fantastic Mr. Fox5/10 Toy Story 35/10 The Pianist7/10 2001: A Space Odyssey3/10 Patriot Games2/10 Green Lantern5/10 The Expendables6/10 Eragon9/10 27 Dresses7/10 Get Smart6/10 Speed6/10 The Chumscrubber6/10 La Ligne Droite8/10 Fracture7/10 Back to the Future Part III7/10 Back to the Future Part II6/10 Back to the Future5/10 The Princess and the Frog6/10 Unstoppable5/10 Gangs Of New York6/10 Medal of Honor (2010)6/10 True Grit9/10 Resident Evil: Afterlife2/10 Once7/10 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse8/10 Elektra2/10 Mystic River5/10 Mission: Impossible6/10 I Am Sam7/10 The Hangover3/10 Where the Wild Things Are5/10 The Perfect Storm9/10 Miller's Crossing7/10 What Women Want6/10 American History X6/10 Tuck Everlasting9/10 The Forgotten3/10 Cassandra's Dream6/10 Thor9/10 The Green Mile5/10 Hereafter6/10 City of Angels6/10 Shutter Island2/10 The Next Three Days7/10 Rambo6/10 Beethoven8/10 Nixon7/10 Predator6/10 The Quick and the Dead8/10 Ironclad7/10 Australia7/10 Rango9/10 Black Swan8/10 Mars Needs Moms7/10 The Social Network2/10 Pacific Heights7/10 Driving Miss Daisy6/10 SpaceCamp7/10 The Reaping6/10 The Last Mimzy7/10 Madagascar5/10 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa4/10 (500) Days of Summer6/10 An Everlasting Piece7/10 Battle: Los Angeles10/10 Chloe6/10 Heartbeeps5/10 Partition9/10 Zodiac4/10 Molière10/10 Death Proof6/10 Shooter5/10 Pathfinder4/10 Ghost Rider6/10 Norbit6/10 Next6/10 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer7/10 The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing5/10 Romeo + Juliet6/10 Rain Man4/10 The Nativity Story8/10 The Road to El Dorado7/10 Surf's Up8/10 Sabrina6/10 “Fitzwilly” / The Long Goodbye5/10 The Time Traveler's Wife6/10 The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus6/10 Evan Almighty9/10 Disturbia6/10 Code Name: The Cleaner5/10 Empire of the Sun7/10 Midway6/10 The Accidental Tourist6/10 Gettysburg10/10 Dead Silence6/10 Dexter5/10 Breach8/10 Far and Away7/10 19417/10 The Eiger Sanction7/10 Jane Eyre6/10 Ladder 496/10 Laws of Attraction7/10 The Machinist3/10 Meet the Fockers6/10 The Manchurian Candidate5/10 Ocean's Twelve2/10 The Motorcycle Diaries5/10 Million Dollar Baby7/10 Paparazzi6/10 The Punisher7/10 Spartacus7/10 Stage Beauty8/10 Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation6/10 Twisted5/10 Vanity Fair9/10 Stealing Time5/10 Surviving Christmas7/10 Beat the Drum8/10 Ned Kelly9/10 The Pledge3/10 Pearl Harbor10/10