FilmClassic a ajouté 114 critiques et a donné une note moyenne de 5.01/10.

Temps Titre Score

The Time Machine5/10 The Time Machine5/10 Un Solo Grande Amore5/10 Uno Straniero A Paso Bravo / Poche Ore Per Una Vita1/10 The 7th Voyage of Sinbad5/10 Django5/10 L' Armée des ombres5/10 L' Armée Des Ombres5/10 Rhapsody of Steel10/10 Escalation5/10 Indio Black5/10 The Saint5/10 Le Voyage en ballon5/10 The Bad Seed5/10 Django5/10 The Long Ships5/10 Arizona Colt5/10 Samson And Delilah5/10 Genghis Khan5/10 Dschingis Khan5/10 Holiday Inn5/10 Da Uomo A Uomo / Ad Ogni Costo5/10 Touch of Evil5/10 The Robe5/10 Justine5/10 Raintree County5/10 Arizona Colt5/10 Gone With The Wind5/10 The Complete Film Music From Gone With The Wind5/10 The Song of Bernadette5/10 A Streetcar Named Desire5/10 Spellbound Concerto / The Red House5/10 One-Eyed Jacks5/10 The Swan5/10 To Kill a Mockingbird5/10 To Kill A Mockingbird5/10 North by Northwest5/10 An Affair to Remember5/10 Barbarian5/10 Angel Face / Una pistola per Ringo5/10 The Man With The Golden Arm5/10 The Wrong Box5/10 Goldfinger5/10 Vertigo5/10 The Sand Pebbles5/10 Spartacus5/10 Captain from Castile5/10 La Vengeance aux deux visages5/10 The Vikings5/10 Planet of the Apes5/10 Goldfinger5/10 Around The World In 80 Days5/10 Around The World In 80 Days5/10 Una Breve Stagione5/10 The Quiet Man5/10 The Naked Maja5/10 La Maja Desnuda5/10 The Wild One5/10 Magnificent Obsession5/10 Enter The Dragon5/10 Johnny Yuma / That Silent Man5/10 Per qualche dollaro in più5/10 The Cincinnati Kid5/10 Per qualche dollaro in più5/10 Commandos / La Storia di San Michele5/10 Born Free5/10 Saladino5/10 Le Soldatesse5/10 Il Disordine5/10 The Wizard of Oz5/10 The Wizard Of Oz5/10 Cent-Mille dollars au soleil5/10 Il Federale5/10 Il Ritorno di Ringo5/10 Kelly's Heroes5/10 Boy On A Dolphin5/10 Boy on a Dolphin5/10 The Deep5/10 Lost Horizon5/10 Un Fiume di dollari5/10 The Hills Run Red5/10 The Glenn Miller Story5/10 Ascenseur pour l'échafaud5/10 Spellbound5/10 The Searchers5/10 Dodge City / Silver River5/10 Casablanca / So Big5/10 Distant Drums / Since You Went Away5/10 L' Isola degli Uomini Pesce5/10 Quo Vadis5/10 The Blue Lagoon5/10 Captain from Castile5/10 Quo Vadis5/10 Quo Vadis5/10 The Glenn Miller Story5/10 For Whom the Bell Tolls5/10 L' Isola degli uomini pesce5/10 Singin' In The Rain5/10 The Bells Of Saint Mary's5/10 Young Men With A Horn5/10 Forever Amber5/10 A Star is Born5/10 I Want to Live!5/10 Duel in the Sun5/10 Hans Christian Andersen5/10 Alexander the Great5/10 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly5/10 Il Grande Silenzio5/10 Lost Horizon5/10 Giant5/10 The Song of Bernadette5/10 The Red House5/10 Golden Earrings5/10 Samson And Delilah5/10