Alice in Wonderland

Walt Disney Records (094635103823)
Movie | Release date: 02/03/2006 | Film release: 1951 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title (Alice in Wonderland)2:33
2.Pay Attention / In a World of My Own2:13
3.I'm Late0:43
4.Curiosity Leads to Trouble / Simply Impassable4:04
5.The Sailor's Hornpipe / The Caucus Race2:27
6.We're Not Waxworks0:25
7.How D'Ye Do and Shake Hands / Curious?0:56
8.The Walrus and the Carpenter5:06
9.Old Father William0:23
10.Mary Ann! / A Lizard with a Ladder / We'll Smoke the Blighter Out2:42
11.The Garden / All in the Golden Afternoon3:40
12.What Genus Are You?1:14
13.A-E-I-O-U (The Caterpillar Song) / Who R U / How Doth the Little Crocodile / Keep Your Temper4:34
14.A Serpent!1:09
15.Alone Again / 'Twas Brillig / Lose Something2:31
16.The Mad Tea Party / The Unbirthday Song / Twinkle Twinkle / Clean Cup Move Down / Mad Watch4:31
17.The Tulgey Wood2:02
18.Very Good Advice2:10
19.Whom Did You Expect0:53
20.Painting the Roses Red / March of the Cards2:49
21.The Queen of Hearts / Who's Been Painting My Roses Red?1:22
22.A Little Girl / Let the Game Begin / I Warn You Child1:27
23.The Trial / The Unbirthday Song (Reprise) / Rule 42 / Off with Her Head / The Caucus Race (Reprise) / Please Wake Up Alice / Time for Tea / Finale (Alice in Wonderland)5:26
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