KPM Music: A Distinctive Approach
 Fracketty Frack: It's the Frackpocalypse
 Donkey Kong Country: Cranky's Theme
The Bridge Across Forever
The Sounds Of Syd Dale
 Richard Harvey's Nifty Digits
 KPM 1000 Series: Flamboyant Themes Volume 1
 Kpm 1000 Series: The Good Life
 Kpm Brownsleeves 7: Ralph Dollimore & Kenny Graham
 Kpm Brownsleeves 24: Freddie Philips, David Lee & Laurie Johnson
The Big New Sound Strikes Again
 Kpm Brownsleeves 30: Laurie Johnson
The Avengers
 Laurie Johnson's London Big Band Volume Two
 Laurie Johnson's London Big Band Volume 3
 England's New Big Band Sound
 Perry Mason: Chapter 7