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The AristoCats

Polydor Germany (0731452325020)
Movie | Released: 1994 | Film release: 1970 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
2.Tonleitern und Arpeggios1:42
3.Thomas O'Malley Song2:33
4.Katzen brauchen furchtbar viel Musik5:53
5.Pretty Melody3:18
6.Cats Love Theme1:36
7.The Butler Sneak1:31
8.Nine Lives0:56
9.The Goose Steps High1:22
10.Windmill/The Butler Speak2:02
12.After Her/Cat Fight2:20
13.My Paree/Chords In Blue2:48
14.Nice Melody1:44
15.Two Dogs Ans Cycle1:40
16.Katzen brauchen furchtbar viel Musik (Reprise)1:22
17.The Aristocats2:51
18.Scales And Arpeggios1:42
19.Thomas O'Malley's Cat2:33
20.Everybody Wants To Be A Cat5:53
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