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The Country Bears

Bootleg (3418155280951)
Movie | Released: 2003 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.The Country Bears2:40
2.Willow Whispers3:57
3.How Ya Duning?2:39
5.There's a Beaver In the Tree2:17
6.Nylon Hymn 13:37
7.The Courtship Spin3:18
8.Beartolucci Blues2:40
9.Savannah Sound Suite3:04
10.Heaven's Highway1:40
11.Dance With The Lilac Lady3:20
12.Bare Fax4:57
13.Crispy Critters3:29
14.Shake and Bake2:43
15.Nylon Hymn 25:04
16.Toodle Toons3:46
17.Pleasin' Teasin' Trixie2:38
18.Just Nonsense2:03
19.The Byrds and the B's1:44
20.The Boo Boo Blues2:30
21.The Confused Cow2:31
22.Bursting Banjo Blisters1:57
23.Never got love Right in The First Place2:41
24.Ham & Cheats1:45
25.Hooked On Honey2:47
26.Drawings By a Fish2:46
27.One String Thang3:11
28.A Completez Guide To Paw Preaching3:06
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