Jurassic Park

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Movie | Released: 1993 | Film release: 1993 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Opening Titles0:33
2.Theme From Jurassic Park3:27
3.Incident at Isla Nublar5:20
4.Journey to the Island8:52
5.The Raptor Attack2:49
6.Hatching Baby Raptor3:20
7.Welcome to Jurassic Park7:54
8.My Friend, the Brachiosaurus4:16
9.Dennis Stelas the Embryo4:55
10.A Tree For my Bed2:12
11.High-Wire Stunts4:08
12.Remembering Petticoat Lane2:48
13.Jurassic Park Gate2:03
14.Eye to Eye6:32
15.T-Rex Rescue and Finale7:39
16.End Credits3:26
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Jurassic Park - 10/10 - Review of Mitchell , submitted at
First i make my excuse for my very bad English. And maybe for my very short review.

Jurassic Park is an fantasic score from my favourite Filmcomposer: John Williams. He has several great theme's and good scores. This score is one of Williams his best scores. The Theme's are incredible and give you so much power! I like the way of the score, the first number is very dark an mysterious and the ending is great with that fantasic theme. John Williams his best year is maybe 1993 because of Jurassic Park but he wrote the score for Schindler's List to. He is always my great hero for the filmmusic and this album is his best.

1) Opening Titles (0:33)
It is an short Opening but it is very dark. The 0:33 seconds give you enough information what happens that moment. It is an great opening in the movie and also for the score. The World of Dinosaures is great and this number give you that feeling.

2. Theme From Jurassic Park (3:27)
John Williams his theme for Jurassic Park is great and you hear that fantastic theme in this number of the score. I like the way of the music. It starts quiet but at the end of the track you hear a chorus of woman en you hear much violins. This number is almost the best of the score but not the number 1 of the score, that is of course track 7.

3. Incident at Isla Nublar (5:20)
A strange number after an explotion of music in track 2. But it is an nice number too. The whole number there is an mysterious atmosphere. I like the number but it is not the best of the whole score.

4. Journey to the Island (8:52)
A great number with an great time. 9 minutes (almost) of fantasic filmmusic. It starts in the film by the helicopter and it ends by the sightseeing of dinosaures (on the island). This number is great, you are now on the island. This is one of the greatest filmmoments of all time but it comes because of the music of John Williams. Without his music for this great scene...it was not good.

5. The Raptor Attack (2:49)
A great number to with a bit percusion. But not the best, number 4 makes a lot of emotions by me, this number doesn't...but it is still an good peace of work.

6. Hatching Baby Raptor (3:20)
A great number with the xylophoon as head instrument. An good number and when i listen this number I go back to the place of the island where Dinosaures makes...in the labotoria.

7. Welcome to Jurassic Park (7:54)
I say it by number 2 allready but i say it now again:"This is the best number of the score". It starts peacefull with an piano but than comes the expolotions of everything. The Violins in this number are so great! The number hase an time of almost 8 minutes and every minute is a fantasic minute for me. Not 1 second is waste because of the work from Williams.

8. My Friend, the Brachiosaurus (4:16)
An good moment in the film from Steven Spielberg but an nice moment for the music to. And that is what John Williams thought. He gives the music an nice try (if you understand what i mean). He makes this number a plesure to listen.

9. Dennis Stelas the Embryo (4:55)
A great number, with a bit percusion. In the film was this an mysterious moment. You don't know what happens, but at the end of this number you knows it because Dennis waste all his time and all the electronic stuff goes out. All because of Dennis, the nightmare begins...

10. A Tree For my Bed (2:12)
And than there is another good an quiet number. An nice number and in the movie of Spielberg you see that the girl (Sam i believe) finaly touch the dinosaur because he don't eat humans. A musical moment for John Williams.

11. High-Wire Stunts (4:08)
A great number with much percusion, the music is so good by the movie. It gives the movie extra power. Not the best actiontrack of the score, that is number 15 but this number is great.

12. Remembering Petticoat Lane (2:48)
I don't have much to say about this number, its not very good and not very bad...

13. Jurassic Park Gate (2:03)
Great number, in the film i don't know the moment but it is an nice peace of work.

14. Eye to Eye (6:32)
The track says a lot about the scene of the movie. Eye to Eye with an real dinosaur. And that is diffucult to make (with percusion and violins). But Williams can handle it and makes this number compleet with violins and percusion. And 6 minute track and that is very long but not one time i have the feeling like: Come on, go to the next track.

15. T-Rex Rescue and Finale (7:39)
The greatest actiontrack of all the Jurassic Park scores. Even better than some numbers of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. You hear some percusion but also an xylophoon and of course the violins. The violins makes this number compleet with that high noise. But don't forget the trumpets in this number!

16. End Credits (3:26)
The End Credits of the film are great because of the music. You only see an helicopter in the sunset...and you see things like: Screenplay by David Koepp etc...but the music makes it great and you go back to the movie. Great End Credits, maybe the best end credits ever of that fantastic music at the end of the movie. My mark for this score is easy...My mark = an 10. And that is an good mark because of the great music. I hope you enjoy my review, i must say it again:"Sorry for my bad English".
John Williams is an god of music and with this score he is a Legend for whole the world. Not everyone knows John Williams but in the Moviebussines, everybody knows his name!
Jurassic Park - 10/10 - Review of Tom Daish, submitted at
I must first confess that any view of Jurassic Park will undoubtedly be tinged with bias simply because it was the first soundtrack CD that ever bought. Something of a late starter, but all I needed was John Williams' Journey to the Island and my bank balance has been crippled ever since. Having said that, in retrospect, Jurassic Park is still hugely enjoyable John Williams that combines everything that is great about his music and what draws his thousands of fans towards The World's Greatest Film ComposerTM. I think Jurassic Park marked something of a watershed in Williams' composing style which went somewhat darker afterward and considerably more subtle. Maybe that was a result of the films, but also the kinds of projects where this type of music is suitable simply didn't come his way so often. Spielberg got serious post Schindler's List, even The Lost World was a very different type of film from Jurassic Park.

What makes Jurassic Park such a particular joy for me is that almost every cue functions as a perfectly self contained musical entity. Distinct enough to exist on its own while still maintaining the continuity of the whole. It's that particular style of writing that Williams seemed to employ less frequently afterward, with scores becoming considerably more through composed and different parts being less obviously distinctive entities. Nothing wrong with that, simply a different way of working and almost certainly appropriate for the film in question. Like me, I'm sure the music everyone remembers is Journey to the Island, the terrific introduction that bounces along, but leads into the even more impressive island fanfare as Spielberg's camera follows the chopper through the mountains of Isla Nublar and Williams' music perfectly timed to every part of the sequence, yet never leaping from idea to idea without musical reason. I still can't believe that Spielberg didn't re-cut the scene to fit the music, so good is the synchronisation.

There are of course plenty of other highlights. The helicopter flight is followed by the main theme as the characters and the viewer sees its first, full size dinosaur in the shape of a Brachiosaurus. The choir might seem overkill, but Williams knows how to push every dramatic button and milks the moment for all its worth and quite rightly, so convincing are the effects that we might as well be presented with a real dinosaur. Of course, the spectacle becomes chaos and Williams' action music is some of his most exciting and frenetic, with plenty of motifs and ideas playing off each. The highlight undoubtedly being T-Rex Rescue & Finale which hits every dramatic point so perfectly that the music is almost as exciting as watching it. The more reflective moments are no less impressive, from the twinkling Tree For My Bed lullaby to the sadness of Remembering Petticoat Lane. It's these little moments that make propel Williams above almost all composers these days. The introspective parts are as good and written with as much care as the more prominent ones.

I know it would probably be ambitious to compare Jurassic Park with Williams' top scores, but for sheer thrill, it's hard to beat. The generous album contains all the most important music, even if a few sections are edited together. The lovely My Friend the Brachiosaurus actually relating to an encounter with a sick Triceratops during the pastoral first half with the more impressionistic latter half relating to a later brachiosaurus encounter. About the only gripe with the arrangement is Welcome to Jurassic Park being halfway through the album, actually the End Credits in the film. It would have been better as the End Credit on the album instead of the shortened reprise of the island fanfare. Minor quibbles about an excellent score. Whether it's his huge, instantly memorable fanfares, the more pastoral, but awe inspiring main theme, the marvellous incidental sections or the searing action music, John Williams truly is one of the best. An essential Williams album.
Jurassic Park - 10/10 - Review of Andreas Lindahl, submitted at
One of William's big efforts in 1993, the other one being Schindler's List, but was strange enough not even nominated for an Academy Award. Go figure... Jurassic Park is a vintage John William's score with a big orchestral sound; bold brass, dramatic strings and choir. Two themes dominates the music. One fanfare like brass theme, heard in all it's glory in cues like "Journey to the Island" (used for the first time in the film when the chopper approaches the island) and "End Credits", and another more grandiose, slow, but powerful theme, for the dinosaurs. This is the theme heard in the film when we see those big creatures for the very first time. There are also some minor motifs, like a terrifying atonal one for the raptors.

One could say that this soundtrack is divided into two different parts. The first half of the album is dedicated to the wonder and awe we feel for these animals, and the, more happy, part of the film, i.e. before everything goes completely out of hands. That's the second part, which has more action and suspense music. Now, I really don't like this music. It's terrific action music, so it's not that, but I can't listen to it without getting all nervous, uneasy and tensed. I suppose that proves the music is really great at doing what it's supposed to do, but I think it's hard listening to. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that a lot of the music is very atonal, too... I don't know.

But I really, really like the more adventurous cues, like "Journey to the Island", "Welcome to Jurassic Park" and "High-Wire Stunts", and the more soft, tender parts, like "Hatching Baby Raptor" and the wonderful "My Friend, the Brachiosaurus", a very nice cue, with a warm, slow theme for the sick Brachiosaurus. "Dennis Steals the Embryo" is also a very good track, with, what I would like to call "sneak music". And then there's the opening music; a short track, just 30 seconds, with a very dark and dramatic choir, shakuhachi and powerful percussion (sounds like a trimmed timpani, or something...).
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