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Justice League: War

WaterTower Music (794043175763)
Movie | Release date: 02/04/2014 | Film release: 2014 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Justice League: War: Opening Titles0:39
2.Green Lantern Meets the Parademon0:47
3.Rooftop Battle/Chase Through the City3:24
4.Underground Tunnels2:27
5.Silas Updates Barry0:41
6.Game Day1:19
7.Diana and the Angry Mob1:34
8.Billy Meets Victor/Superman Makes an Entrance2:30
9.Superfriend or Superfoe?/Enter Darkside4:12
10.Parademons Break Through/Saving Victor3:19
11.Fighting the Parademon Horde2:04
12.Billy Becomes Shazam0:42
13.Darkseid's Arrival4:46
14.Batman Unmasked/Darkseid Homeworld2:02
15.The Heroes Join Forces1:47
16.Off to Rescue Superman/Darkseid Battle2:43
17.The Battle Continues7:10
18.Final Battle5:55
19.Saving the Day/Award Ceremony/End Titles6:29
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