Starchaser : The Legend of Orin

BSX Records (0712187489072)
Movie | Release date: 05/03/2012 | Film release: 1985 | Format: CD, Download
Limited edition: 1000 copies

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title2:58
2.Dig Harder or Die1:09
3.Grandfather's Sacrifice0:51
4.A World Above?0:42
5.Behold The Great God1:03
6.Orin Digs Up/Orin Reaches The Surface/Orin Explores2:06
7.Greedy Swamp Scum0:38
8.Welcome Aboard0:37
9.Zygon's Command0:53
10.Sky Chase1:54
11.Hard Times1:16
12.Back To The Palace0:49
13.Meet Aviana0:35
14.Orin's Regret1:22
15.Orin Makes and Entrance3:00
16.Orin and Dagg Sneak Around1:00
17.Prepare to Launch0:57
18.Attack Force Deploys/Dagg Has A Plan1:22
19.Love Theme from STARCHASER1:21
20.Dagg Gives In0:32
21.A Date With Destiny0:57
22.There is No Blade1:38
23.The End of Mineworld/We Are Free2:53
24.Orin's Victory1:20
25.Reunited/Orin Heals Digger2:02
26.The Choice Is Yours/Finale1:15
27.End Credits2:33
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