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Battlestar Galactica

La-La Land Records (826924101520)
TV Series / TV filme | Ano: 2005 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Are You Alive? / Battlestar Galactica™ Main Title5:28
2.Goodbye, Baby2:24
3.Starbuck Buck Buck1:49
4.To Kiss Or Not To Kiss2:42
5.Six Sex1:48
6.Deep Sixed1:59
7.The Day Comes1:08
9.Cylons Fire1:34
10.A Call To Arms1:03
11.Apollo To The Rescue1:56
12.Launch Vipers4:26
13.Seal The Bulkheads2:10
14.The Lottery Ticket3:06
15.Eighty-Five Dead1:23
17.Apollo Is Gone / Starbuck Returns2:19
18.The Storm and The Dead2:40
19.Thousands Left Behind2:09
20.Silica Pathways3:32
22.The Sense Of Six3:01
23.Starbuck's Recon1:11
25.Good Night2:38
26.By Your Command1:56
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La-La Land Records Presents the Original Soundtrack to the all-new, smash-hit SCI-FI CHANNEL Original Mini-Series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA starring Edward James Olmos (MIAMI VICE, STAND AND DELIVER) and Mary McDonnell (DANCES WITH WOLVES, GRAND CANYON). Renowned composer Richard Gibbs’ (BARBERSHOP 2, STEP INTO LIQUID, I SPY) evocative score combines ethnic percussion, vocals, synth and orchestra to capture all the humanity and pulse-pounding excitement of this critically-acclaimed relaunching of the legendary BATTLESTAR GALACTICA saga! A must for all generations of GALACTICA fans!

CD Booklet features Exclusive Liner Notes from the composer and the director. Composer Gibbs was one of the original members of famed rock group Oingo Boingo.

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