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The Walking Dead
Music from the AMC Series

TV Series / TV filme | Ano: 2011 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Attack Of The Vatos Ostinato 
2.Bloody Amy 
3.Campsite Massacre 
4.Cello Lead Line 
5.Electric Guitar And Banjo 
6.Escape From Atlanta 
7.Glenn's Wheels 
8.Lord Of The Vatos 
9.Main Title 
10.Merle Rants 
11.Outside The Hospital 
12.Quarry Fishing 
14.Rick And Glenn On The Run 
15.Rick And Glenn Rescued 
16.Rick's Respair 
17.Ride To Atlanta 
18.Searching For Merle 
19.Severed Zombie Head 
20.The Hand 
21.The Horse 
22.The Mercy Of The Living 
23.Under Tthe Tank 
24.Violin Textures 
25.Zombie Walk 
26.I'm A ManBlack Strobe 
27.Mr. SplitfootParis Motel 
28.Space Junk [Wang Chung '97]Wang Chung 
29.Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)John Murphy 
# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Mr. SplitfootParis Motel 
2.Sun Ain't Gonna Shine AnymoreWalker Brothers, The 
3.BlackKari Kimmel 
4.Moving? Shadows IITwo Steps From Hell 
5.Last Man StandingPeople In Planes 
6.Main Title Reharmonized 
7.Highway Wreckage 
8.The Horde Approaches 
10.Daryl's Plan 
11.Dale And Andrea 
12.Carl Trauma 
13.Shane Reaches 
14.Shane And Otis Stealth 
15.Shane And Otis Run 
16.I See A Darkness 
17.High School Story 
18.Shane Link Fence 
19.Into Surgery 
20.Shane Shaves 
21.Shane's Reflection 
22.Shane's Eulogy 
23.Shane's Philosophy 
24.Pregnancy Test 
25.Daryl Drums 
26.Boot Chewer 
27.Daryl Prepares 
28.Daryl The Walker 
29.Philosophical Differences 
30.Andrea Reborn 
31.The RegulatorClutch 
32.Through The Windshield 
33.Broken Bottles 
34.Tears Of The Demon 
35.Shane Abandoned 
36.CivilianWye Oak 
37.Lazy BonesWooden Shjips 
38.Driver's SeatSniff 'n' the Tears 
39.Shane Abandoned 
41.Lazy Bones 
42.Driver's Seat 
43.Death In A Field 
44.Lori’s Apology 
46.RV Repair 
48.Broken Nose 
49.Shane's Plan 
50.The End Of Innocence 
52.The FenceCoalescence 
53.Barn Fire 
54.Glenn Is A Badass 
55.Snap Pizz In The Basses 
56.Jimmy Dies 
58.Herschel's Last Stand 
59.Dire Situation 
60.Saving Carol 
61.The Farm Is Lost 
62.Three Cars 
63.Highway Reunion 
64.Farewell Sophia 
65.The Prison 
66.The Parting GlassBeth Greene & Maggie Greene 
67.Noisy SundayPatrick Watson 
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