Doctor Who: Volume 2 New Beginnings 1970-1980

BBC Music (0094631206320)
Film | Date de sortie: 05/12/2005 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Doctor Who (Opening Title Theme 1970)0:46
2.TARDIS Control on & Warp Transfer0:22
3.Blue Veils & Golden Sands3:25
4.The Delian Mode5:33
The Mind of Evil (Serial FFF)
5.The Master's Theme0:43
6.Dover Castle0:30
7.Keller Machine Appears / Vanishes0:23
8.Keller Machine Theme0:42
The Claws of Axos (Serial GGG)
9.Brain Centre Atmosphere0:21
10.The Axos Approach1:45
11.TARDIS lands0:22
12.Doctor Who (Closing Theme 1970)1:13
The Sea Devils (Serial LLL)
13.The Prison1:19
14.The Master2:05
15.The naval Base1:28
16.The Sea Fort2:13
18.The Sea Devil2:43
19.The Master at Large3:04
20.Air-Conditioning Problem0:48
22.The master's Plan1:31
23.The Submarine1:52
24.Jo Frees the Doctor1:11
25.Rock Bottom1:15
26.The Beach1:57
27.The Minefield0:23
28.Devil Underwater1:18
29.The Doctor and Jo on the Run0:35
30.The Sea Devils Take the Prison3:24
31.The Diving-Bell1:23
32.Mr. Walker's War3:05
34.Attack in Force2:02
35.Ventilation Shaft1:20
36.Sea Chase2:06
38.Doctor Who (Stereo Version 1972)2:21
39.Doctor Who (Delaware Version 1972)2:08
Sound Effects
40.Aggedor's Temple Atmosphere, Peladon0:59
41.Metebelis III Atmosphere1:51
42.Nerva Beacon Infrastructure & T-Mat Couch1:42
43.The Planet karn1:43
44.The Shrine of the Sisterhood of Karn1:13
45.The Mandragora Helix0:46
46.Nova Device Countdown & Explosion0:12
Peter Howell Demos 1980
47.Demo 11:13
48.Demo 21:07
49.Doctor Who (New Theme 1980)2:42
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