Doctor Who: Ghostlight
Origina Television Soundtrack

Silva Screen Records 15/01/2016 Téléchargement
Silva Screen Records 26/08/2013 CD (0738572137229)
Série TV/Film de TV Sortie du film: 1989


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# Track   Duration
1.Doctor Who (Opening Theme)0:55
2.The Madhouse3:53
3.Redvers, I Presume?0:44
4.Uncharted Territory1:42
5.Heart of the Interior2:20
7.The Fang of a Cave Bear0:19
8.Enter Josiah0:30
9.Indoor Lightning1:40
10.Nimrod Observed1:03
11.Time to Emerge1:25
12.Burnt Toast1:42
13.Ace's Adventures Underground4:38
14.Where Is Mamma?0:44
15.Loss of Control3:35
16.The Way to the Zoo1:55
17.The Hungry Inspector0:34
18.The Memory Teller1:52
19.Lighting the Touchpaper1:12
20.Homo Victorianus Ineptus1:21
21.Out of the Shadows4:04
22.Light Enlightened1:58
23.Tropic of Perivale2:17
24.Tricks of the Light4:32
25.Judgement In Stone2:21
27.Passing Thoughts1:25
28.Doctor Who (Closing Theme)1:18
29.The Madhouse (Alternative)3:46
30.Redvers, I Presume? (Alternative)0:26
31.Uncharted Territory (Alternative)1:37
32.Heart of the Interior (Alternative)2:19
33.Gwendoline (Alternative)0:22
34.The Fang of a Cave Bear (Alternative)0:19
35.Enter Josiah (Alternative)0:30
36.Indoor Lightning (Alternative)1:39
37.Nimrod Observed (Alternative)1:03
38.Time to Emerge (Alternative)1:08
39.Burnt Toast (Alternative)1:36
40.Ace's Adventures Underground (Alternative)1:31
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