Doctor Who: Series 6

Film | Date de sortie: 19/12/2011 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.I Am The Doctor In Utah1:44
3.The Impossible Astronaut3:15
4.Trust Me1:39
5.Help Is On Its Way3:59
6.Another Perfect Prison0:53
7.Greystark Hall2:53
8.Apollo 110:54
9.Day Of The Moon2:43
10.I See You Silence - (All from) The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon1:05
11.You're A Dead Man1:40
12.Deadly Siren5:30
13.Perfect Reflection1:03
14.All For One3:49
15.The Curse Of The Black Spot (All from) The Curse of the Black Spot1:14
16.I've Got Mail0:45
17.My Tardis1:30
19.Locked On - (All From) The Doctor's Wife1:11
20.The Chemical Castle1:30
21.Which One Is The Flesh?1:39
22.Scanning Me2:31
24.Always With The Rory1:22
25.Double Doctor2:02
26.Tell Me The Truth3:48
27.Loving Isn't Knowing (The Almost People Suite) - (all From) The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People5:29
28.River's Waltz1:53
30.Tell Me Who You Are1:52
31.Melody Pond - (All From) A Good Man Goes to War2:36
# Track   Duration
1.Growing Up Fast1:21
2.The Blush Of Love1:22
3.Terror Of The Reich3:05
4.The British Are Coming1:07
5.A Very Unusual Melody2:53
6.When A River Forms1:32
7.Pay Attention Grown Ups2:10
8.The Enigma Of River Song - (All From) Let's Kill Hitler3:59
9.Bedtime For George2:24
10.Tick Tock Round The Clock2:11
11.A Malevolent Estate3:58
12.Night Terrors - (All From) Night Terrors1:19
14.36 Years0:55
15.Lost In The Wrong Stream - (All From) The Girl Who Waited3:25
16.The Hotel Prison0:47
17.Room Of Your Dreams1:21
18.Fear Enough1:17
19.What's Left To Be Scared Of?1:00
20.Rita Praises - (All From) The God Complex1:08
22.Definitely Going1:56
23.Over Your Shoulder1:11
26.My Time Is Running Out - (All From) Closing Time4:55
27.Tick Tock (Vocal Track)1:23
28.5:02 PM2:43
29.The Head Of An Enemy1:15
30.My Silence1:12
31.Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart2:19
33.Time Is Moving1:31
34.The Wedding Of River Song - (All From) The Wedding of River Song5:32
35.The Majestic Tale (Of A Madman In A Box) - (From) Day of the Moon4:01
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