The Little Mermaid
The Legacy Collection

Movie | Release date: 11/24/2014 | Film release: 1989 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Fathoms BelowShips's Chorus1:42
2.Main Titles1:26
4.Daughters of TritonDaughters of Triton0:52
5.Intro Ariel3:12
6.Intro Ursula2:38
7.Triton Reprimands1:49
8.Sebastian’s Dilemma0:44
9.Part of Your WorldJodi Benson3:31
11.The Storm3:18
12.Part of Your World (Reprise)/Ursula PlotsJodi Benson3:03
13.Ariel in Love0:23
14.Under the SeaSamuel E. Wright3:23
15.Sebastian and Triton1:40
16.Destroying the Grotto1:55
17.Flotsam and Jetsam1:47
18.Ursula’s Lair2:17
19.Poor Unfortunate SoulsPat Carroll4:49
20.She’s Got Legs1:22
21.Sebastian Relents0:28
22.On Land2:25
23.Miss Manners1:09
24.Les PoissonsRené Auberjonois2:11
25.Crab On a Plate/Bedtime2:20
26.Tour of the Kingdom1:26
27.Kiss the GirlSamuel E. Wright2:40
28.Ariel Left Behind4:09
29.Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise)Pat Carroll0:31
30.The Truth1:23
31.Interrupting the Wedding/Ursula’s Defeat6:44
32.Happy Endingthe Disney Chorus3:22
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Fathoms Below (Work Tape)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken2:15
2.Daughters of Triton Synth (Synth Demo)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken0:56
3.Part of Your World Synth (Synth Demo)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken3:15
4.Fireworks/The Gigue (Score Piano Demo)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken2:10
5.The Storm (Score Piano Demo)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken2:35
6.Under the Sea (Synth Demo)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken4:42
7.Poor Unfortunate Souls (Basic Synth Demo)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken5:06
8.Poor Unfortunate Souls (Final Synth Mockup)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken5:31
9.Les Poissons (Work Tape Demo)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken2:09
10.Les Poissons (Synth Demo)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken2:03
11.Kiss the Girl (Synth Demo B)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken2:41
12.Happy Ending (Score Piano Demo)Howard Ashman & Alan Menken2:32
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