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White Fang

Movie | Release date: 02/20/2012 | Film release: 1991 | Format: CD
Limited edition

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# Track   Duration
CD 1 - Original Soundtrack By Basil Poledouris
1.Main Title & Opening Credits3:32
2.Golden Staircase2:03
3.The Place2:34
4.Death Of Kiche2:08
5.Death Of Kiche [Revised]1:14
6.Wolf Dance6:48
7.Wolf Dance [Revised]1:55
8.Slow Motion Wolves1:15
9.Puppy Things2:31
10.Fang On Sled0:32
11.The River1:42
12.The Bear Attack3:14
13.The Cabin2:14
14.The Cabin [Revised]0:24
15.Mining Montage0:47
16.Pit Fight1:36
17.Jack Bit2:51
19.Just Friends1:07
20.Gold Test1:15
21.Fang's Revenge1:10
22.Jack And White Fang1:04
23.Jack Forces Fang Away1:57
24.The Return3:06
25.End Credits3:51
The Extras
26.Saloon Source1:24
27.Saloon Source [Alternate]1:19
28.Saloon Source #21:37
29.Saloon Source #2 [Alternate]1:32
30.Sweet Betsy From Pike (Traditional, Arr. Basil Poledouris)1:36
# Track   Duration
CD 2 - Original Soundtrack By Hans Zimmer
1.Opening Credits - Main Title4:18
2.The Staircase2:26
3.The Trek Continues (Fiachra Trench)1:51
4.Black Wolf8:31
5.Full Moon Wolf Attack1:20
6.Kiche's Demise9:40
7.Seasons Pass4:23
8.The Bear Attack (Shirley Walker/Hans Zimmer)2:38
9.The Mine (Hans Zimmer/Fiachra Trench)7:34
10.Fang With Jack3:20
11.Vengeance Fulfilled2:51
12.Home Again8:16
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Wow! Treat for Basil Poledouris AND Hans Zimmer fans! World premiere 2-CD release of both composer's powerful soundtracks for Randal Kleiser filming of Jack London's outdoor boy & wolf tale WHITE FANG, presented by Walt Disney Pictures, starring Ethan Hawke, Klaus Maria Brandauer, James Remar. CD1 offers rich, evocative score by Poledouris, given primary credit in finished film. Stately main theme in major key anchors, while numerous motifs, smaller ideas create multi-layered musical tapestry of turn-of-the-19th-century gold prospecting in Alaska. In contrast are sequences both frightening, tender. Several cues never before heard add depth to impressive score. But there's much more! CD2 offers second score by Hans Zimmer, much of it also featured in film, with completely different thematic material spotlighting composer's then new meld of symphony with synthesizer. Early-ish Zimmer score offers perhaps his largest-scale scoring to that date. Powerful themes, aggressive action, rhythmic adventure, tingling suspense, gentle warmth... it's all here! And there's still more: also find exciting 'Bear Attack' co-written by Shirley Walker & Zimmer as well as additional cues by Fiachra Trench. Finally, numerous saloon source cues composed by Poledouris round out lengthy 2-CD package. Newly-mixed and presented in dynamic stereo from both 24-track analog masters (format of choice for Poledouris), 32-track digital masters (format of choice for Zimmer), all vaulted in mint condition at Disney. Beautiful booklet design by Joe Sikoryak includes complete cue assembly & composer details for both scores plus informative notes from Jeff Bond. Two exciting scores from the same movie, available at last! Basil Poledouris conducts his score, recorded in Burbank, Shirley Walker conducts Hans Zimmer's score, recorded at Air-Edel Studios in London.
Tech Talk From The Producer…

White Fang was that rare instance where two scores were commissioned and recorded in their entirety, with the final film soundtrack combining cues from both. Basil Poledouris started the scoring process by creating several pre-records (jaws harp effects for specific dialog sequences) in November 1990. He then began recording his score in December and finished on January 3, 1991.

Hans Zimmer began his own scoring sessions in London on that same January 3rd and spent the next two days recording his music with Shirley Walker on the podium. Adding an extra dimension to the process, Fiachra Trench provided two cues and Walker contributed additional music for “The Bear Attack.”

The film’s producers used the Poledouris score as an anchor for the main themes but selected a considerable number of Zimmer sequences as well, editing between the two. Happily, the Disney vaults contained the complete scoring session masters for all of the music recorded for the picture, including every note written by both composers as well as the additional cues by Trench and Walker.

The Poledouris master elements were recorded in Burbank in a multi-track analog format enhanced with Dolby SR. The Zimmer score was recorded in London using the digital 3324 format system. The transfers for our 2-CD set were made at the Disney facilities, with final mixes and album editing done here at Intrada.

We are presenting both scores complete, each on its own disc. We have not made any attempt to duplicate edits made by the filmmakers, cutting back and forth between the two scores. Instead, we have allowed each composer’s entire work to play independently as originally written. The Poledouris score is presented in the exact picture sequence he planned, with his five source cues appearing as “extras” at the end of CD1. The Zimmer score is presented on CD2 with longer cues following the general narrative of the film but assembled in an order providing a more satisfying listening experience, rather than being a literal recreation of the picture sequence.

Each disc plays independently of the other. Listen to them in any order you choose. You will get a rich, dramatic and powerful listening experience either way.

—Douglass Fake

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