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Movie | Released: 1999 | Film release: 1979 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 500 copies

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# Track   Duration
1.20th Century Fox Logo0:11
2.Main Title - The Nostromo4:08
4.The Landing4:28
6.The Jockey2:22
7.The Egg Chamber2:19
8.Face Hugger3:04
9.Main Title (del film “Freud”)3:17
11.Serenata Nº 13 “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” (extracto)3:48
12.Ejecting Kane’s Body1:47
14.Brett’s Demise0:52
15.Charcot’s Show (del film “Freud”)5:07
16.Desperate Case (del film “Freud”)3:29
17.Search (versión 2)1:13
18.The Droid, Part 21:13
19.The First Step (del film “Freud”)2:10
20.Parker & Lambert’s Demise1:47
21.The Corridor1:02
22.“I Got You!”1:54
23.The Shuttle3:08
25.Sinfonía Nº 2 “The Romantic” (extracto)2:47
# Track   Duration
1.Main Title - The Nostromo (versión 2)4:09
2.Hypersleep (versión 2)2:44
3.Derelict (versión 2)1:42
4.The Jockey (versión 2)2:27
5.The Jockey (versión 3)2:25
6.The Egg Chamber (versión 2)2:05
7.The Egg0:57
8.The Egg (versión 2)1:30
9.Back to The Nostromo1:02
10.Face Hugger (versión 2)3:03
11.Acid Test0:33
12.Looking for the Face Hugger0:53
13.The Shaft, Part 11:51
14.The Shaft, Part 22:32
15.The Droid, Part 12:12
16.Detonation Sequence2:20
17.The Shuttle (versión 2)3:02
18.Breakaway - “Signing Off” (versión 2)3:08
19.“Signing Off”1:41
20.End Titles3:01
21.The Alien Suite (Bonus Track)5:23
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