Movie | Released: 2000 | Film release: 1979 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.The Chamber2:17
2.The Egg - Alternate0:56
3.The Alien Ship4:29
4.Space Jockey - Alternate 12:26
5.Space Jockey2:22
6.Emergency Destruction2:18
7.The Landing4:25
8.The Egg1:28
9.Back to Ship1:00
10.Ash's Studies0:59
11.The Face Hugger3:02
12.The Hugger is Gone0:51
13.Space Burial1:24
14.The Search/Brett's Demise2:05
15.No Way Corridor1:01
16.Lambert & Parker's Demise1:46
17.Stowaway - Alternate3:01
18.Breakaway/Final Log - Alternate3:08
19.The Shaft1:31
20.Dallas' Demise2:31
21.End Titles3:00
22.Main Title4:07
23.Lone Survivor1:52
24.The Droid3:22
26.Opening/The Nostromo4:03
27.Hypersleep - Alternate2:20
29.Acid Test - Alternate1:26
30.The Face Hugger - Alternate3:03
31.Space Jockey - Alternate 22:22
32.Breakaway/Final Log3:00
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