Looney Tunes: Back in Action
Deluxe Edition

Varčse Sarabande Club 15/01/2021 CD - 2000 kopie (888072199392)
Film Uwolnienie filmu: 2003

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# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
1.Looney Tunes Opening (What’s Up Doc?) / Rabbit Fire†† Carl Stalling, Arranged Cameron Patrick1:09
2.What’s Up?1:25
3.Another Take0:48
4.Dead Duck Walking3:14
5.She Likes You0:46
6.The Shimmy / Out Of The Bag / Save Dad / The Car‡‡ Jerry Goldsmith with Additional Music Cameron Patrick3:53
7.Not A Billion0:45
8.Blue Monkey0:58
9.Extra Crispy0:36
10.The Shower / Psycho Parody** John Debney1:15
11.In Style1:10
12.The Bad Guys2:57
13.Hit Me0:30
14.Car Trouble / Flying High3:46
15.Hurry Up0:25
16.Nice Hair / Burning Tail0:55
17.A Visit To Walmart / Free Drinks0:36
18.Wrong Turn Coyote †††† Carl Stalling with Additional Music/Arranged Cameron Patrick0:54
19.The Launch ‡‡‡‡ Cameron Patrick0:27
20.Thin Air° °Contains Excerpts from “Powerhouse” Raymond Scott1:26
21.Area 52 (Take 54)1:29
22.You’re Next0:25
23.Wacky Marvin In The Jar°°Contains Excerpts from “Powerhouse” Raymond Scott0:49
24.Hot Pursuit2:26
25.We've Got Company / Man & A Woman / I’ll Take That3:21
26.The Painting / The Scream/ It Is Spring / Bugs with Mandolin§§#§§Contains Musical Pieces Modest Mussorgsky, Arranged Mark McKenzie/ #Contains Musical Pieces Antonio Vivaldi, Arranged Mark McKenzie3:20
27.The Red Balloon0:26
28.Paris Street1:22
29.Free Fall1:17
30.The Hook / Africa0:33
31.Tasmanian Devil1:09
32.Jungle Scene1:42
33.Pressed Duck3:26
35.Waiting For A Train*°* John Debney/°Contains Excerpts from “Powerhouse” Raymond Scott2:49
36.A New Puppy*°* John Debney/°Contains Excerpts from “Powerhouse” Raymond Scott3:06
37.To The Rescue*°* John Debney/°Contains Excerpts from “Powerhouse” Raymond Scott4:24
38.Heroes** John Debney2:39
39.Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (That’s All Folks!) §§ Cliff Friend and Dave Franklin, Arranged Cameron Patrick0:16
40.End Title Suite5:17
# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
1.What’s Up?1:29
2.Another Take, #9# Contains Musical Pieces Antonio Vivaldi, Arranged Mark McKenzie0:53
3.Trumpet Wa-Wa0:07
4.The Shimmy0:12
5.Out Of The Bag1:17
6.The Car, Part 10:15
7.The Car, Part 20:12
9.Car Trouble3:22
10.Wrong Turn, Part 11:14
11.Wrong Turn, Part 20:25
12.Wrong Turn, Part 31:08
13.The Launch0:30
14.The Blue Danube / The Barber of Seville / Can Can #### Contains Musical Pieces Johann Strauss, Gioachino Rossini, and Jacques Offenbach, Arranged Mark McKenzie0:36
15.Vivaldi Concerto ## Contains Musical Pieces Antonio Vivaldi, Arranged Mark McKenzie0:15
16.The Hook0:29
17.Pressed Duck3:39
18.Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (That’s All Folks!) §0:23
The Original 2003 Soundtrack Album
19.Life Story†† Carl Stalling, Arranged Cameron Patrick0:19
20.What’s Up?1:25
21.Another Take0:48
22.Dead Duck Walking3:14
23.Out Of The Bag3:44
24.Blue Monkey0:54
25.In Style1:09
26.The Bad Guys2:56
27.Car Trouble3:46
28.Thin Air ° °Contains Excerpts from “Powerhouse” Raymond Scott1:26
29.Area 521:29
30.Hot Pursuit2:26
31.We’ve Got Company1:50
32.I’ll Take That1:22
33.Paris Street1:21
34.Free Fall1:15
35.Tasmanian Devil1:09
36.Jungle Scene1:40
37.Pressed Duck3:22
39.Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (That’s All Folks!)0:55
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Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2004)

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