Illuminated Star Projection Edition Box

WaterTower Music (0888750543622)
Sony Music Classical (0888750543622)
Film | Releasedatum: 02/02/2015 | Film release: 2014 | Medium: CD, Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Dreaming Of The Crash3:55
2.Cornfield Chase2:06
4.Day One3:19
6.Message From Home1:40
7.The Wormhole1:30
9.Afraid Of Time2:32
10.A Place Among The Stars3:27
11.Running Out1:57
12.I'm Going Home5:48
16.Where We're Going7:41
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.First Step1:48
2.Flying Drone1:53
3.Atmospheric Entry1:39
4.No Need To Come Back4:33
5.Imperfect Lock6:55
6.What Happens Now?2:05
7.Who's They?7:17
9.Organ Variation4:52
11.Day One (Original Demo)3:49
12.Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night1:37
13.No Time For Caution4:06
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