King Kong Lives

Film | Date: 2000 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
2.King Kong Lives/Main Titles2:34
3.Discovery of Lady Kong1:25
4.Back to Life2:12
5.Kong Meets Lady Kong4:02
6.Honeymoon Ridge2:21
7.Footbridge Incident0:34
8.Night Camp2:49
9.Lady Kong Gets Gassed4:16
10.Leap Into the Rapids2:35
11.Alligator Swamp2:32
12.Chaos in a Small Town2:32
13.Revenge of the Hunters3:33
14.Kong Rescues His Lady2:37
15.Kong's Final Battle1:15
16.Birth of Baby Kong/Death of Kong6:08
17.Return to Borneo/End Credits4:31
18.Greystoke - Suite8:52
19.Shoot to Kill - Suite6:30
20.Shoot to Kill - End Title3:39
21.Phantom of the Sun - Theme1:54
22.The Final Countdown - Main Title4:23
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