Showtime / Sgt. Bilko

Bootleg 2003 CD (3418120021996)


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# Track   Duration
2.Showtime Theme2:29
3.Detective Preston Teaches0:58
4.Trey's Rehearsal0:53
5.Drug Deal Assembly1:40
6.Money and Shit2:18
7.TV Repair Shop Shootout / Pursuing Lazy Boy2:28
8.Renzi and Brad Negotiate0:57
9.Two Visitors0:20
10.Preston Leaves0:35
11.Busting the Thief1:20
12.Good Chemistry0:15
13.Vargas Appears1:50
14.Collapsed House0:11
15.Burning Car0:13
16.The Director Bursts in0:27
17.Hood Jumping0:38
18.T.J. Okay0:10
19.Micro Cameras in the Car1:01
20.Trey's Tale0:57
21.Crime Scene Arrival0:35
22.Charlie Advises0:32
25.Pottery Studio0:44
26.Mitch's New Car1:06
28.New Workspace Showtime2:11
29.Muffler Test Trey's Plan1:23
30.ReRun Gives Evidence0:50
31.ReRun's Story Stalled0:33
32.Mitch and Trey1:10
33.Another Surprise0:24
34.The Big Hit and City Chase6:14
35.Mitch Saved0:13
36.It's Over0:37
37.The Dog Stays1:32
38.Watching the Show / Charlie Hertz' House2:37
39.A New Lead0:14
40.Arrival at the Gun Show0:33
41.Gunfire and Escape1:34
42.Hostage Situation / Pool Flood2:48
43.Loose Change Dish0:53
Sgt. Bilko
45.The Bet1:13
47.Jeep Drive to the Church0:37
48.One Game with Rita0:40
49.Return to Fort Baxter0:32
50.Boxing History2:35
51.Thorn Transferred to Greenland0:40
52.The Hover Tank Demonstration1:21
53.Flash of Recall0:24
54.Plan B0:54
55.Viva Las Vegas2:23
56.System Accessed0:47
57.The Ring1:36
58.Jealousy Dinner2:57
59.Colonel Hall0:36
60.Sgt. Bilko(s Speech1:00
61.The Masters Plan0:30
62.Thorn Steels the Control Board0:30
63.The Tank's Big Show2:31
64.Wedding Ceremony1:41
65.End Credits3:43
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