Barryola - Great Film Music Of John Barry
Born Free & The Deep

Film | Date: 1996 | Type: CD
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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
Born Free
1.Main Title2:37
2.The Hunt3:12
3.Elsa At Play4:35
4.The Death Of Pati3:32
5.Waiting For Joy1:57
6.Killing At Kiunga2:33
7.Holiday With Elsa2:46
9.Warthog Hunt2:10
10.Fight With The Lioness2:37
11.Reunion / Born Free5:49
12.Born Free (Vocal By Matt Monro)2:47
The Deep
13.Return To The Sea2033 A.D. A Ballet Based On The Scrore From The Film24:00
14.Theme From The DeepEnd Title4:28
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