The Indiana Jones Trilogy

Silva Screen Records (0738572036522)
Silva Screen Records (0738572114725)
Film | Date: 2003 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.The Raiders March2:40
2.The Map Room: Dawn4:08
3.The Basket Game4:23
4.Marion's Theme3:42
5.Airplane Fight4:22
6.The Ark Trek1:30
7.Raiders Of The Lost Ark4:51
8.Anything Goes (Cole Porter)2:58
9.Nocturnal Activities2:00
10.The Mine Car Chase3:31
11.Finale and End Credits6:28
12.Indy's First Adventure8:27
13.X Marks The Spot / Escape From Venice5:14
14.No Ticket / Keeping Up With The Joneses4:07
15.Finale and End Credits11:18
16.Anything Goes – English Version (Cole Porter)2:58
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