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Monsters, Inc.

Film | Date: 2001 | Sortie du film: 2001 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title (Film Edit) 
2.The Monster 
4.Sulley Works Out 
5.Down Town Monstertropolis 
6.Monsters Inc. 
7.Locker Room/ Randall 
8.Back To Work 
9.Enter The Heroes 
10.In On Seven 
11.Duck And Cover 
12.Love Boat 
13.The Last Door 
15.Put Her Back 
16.Sushi Boo 
18.Sleeping Beauty 
19.Fruit Loops 
20.To Sleep 
21.Boo In A Suit 
22.Tee-Tee Dance 
23.Where's Boo? 
24.Randall's Coming 
25.Wrong Door 
26.So Help Me 
27.Man Celia 
28.Chasing Boo 
29.Oh, No Down The Chute 
30.Oh, No 
31.Where's Sulley? 
33.Boo Is A Cube 
35.Secret Passage 
36.Scream Extractor 
37.Randall Sees It 
38.Fungus/ Hall Exit 
40.It's Your Door 
42.Cave And Ride 
44.Sulley's Back 
45.The Ride Of The Doors 
46.Out Of Work 
47.Smash The Door 
48.Hold On 
49.Waternoose Waits 
50.A 2319 
51.She's Seen To Much 
53.Bye Boo 
54.The Last Piece 
55.We Had Some Laughes 
56.Laugh Floor 
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