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Série TV/Film de TV | Date de sortie: 01/05/1999 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Soldier In The NightMika Kaneko5:21
2.JuurokuyaMariko Takahashi4:46
3.Down Town GameGwinko4:56
4.Ai yo serenaideKahoru Kohiruimaki4:04
5.Mr. Private EyeYuko Ootaki4:55
6.Get WildTM Network4:01
7.ChanceAkira Kamiya4:09
8.Angel NightPSY-S4:30
9.Give Me Your Love TonightKiyomi Suzuki5:52
11.Running To HorizonTetsuya Komuro4:54
12.Forever In My HeartKirsten Steinhauer5:26
13.Midnight RainIsamu Yoshimura5:07
14.Atsuku NaretaraKiyomi Suzuki5:13
15.Hold Me TightRed Monster4:37
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Bandes Originales de la collection: Animation

Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (2008)
Trail of the Pink Panther (2011)
Incredibles, The (2004)
Emperor's New Groove, The (2000)
AristoCats, The (2006)
Lord of the Rings, The (2001)
Hellsing (2006)
Giant Robo III (1993)
Carl Stalling Project, The (1990)
Antz (1998)

Bandes Originales de la collection: Compilation

Jackie Chan: Perfect Collection (1983)
Musiques de Films de Bernard Herrmann, Les (1984)
CIAK (1980)
Best of The Marx Brothers, The (2005)
Once upon a time (1990)
Film Music by Toru Takemitsu Vol. 1 (1990)
Canto Morricone vol. 4 (1999)
Music From The Films Of James Dean (1978)
TiVulandia Vol. 4 (2000)
Alexandre le Bienheureux / Clérambard (1992)

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