The Kite Runner

Film | Date: 2007 | Sortie du film: 2007 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Opening Titles3:20
2.The Call, Kabul 19783:27
3.He Hates Me1:08
4.Movie Theatre0:40
7.Sultans of Kabul1:34
8.Kite Shop3:08
9.Kite Tournament5:39
10.Hassan Theme3:56
11.Amir Lives1:07
12.Hit Me Back1:01
13.Plant the Watch1:31
14.Russians Invade2:24
15.Fuel Tanker3:11
16.Memory of Rape0:35
17.Amir Writes0:37
18.Bad News1:12
19.The Proposal2:47
20.End Phone Call2:05
21.The Truth2:00
22.Reading the Letter2:49
23.Cross the Border4:18
24.The Old House1:56
25.The Stadium3:58
26.Taliban House5:42
28.Search for Sorab1:29
29.To America1:37
30.Fly a Kite4:21
31.Omaid e ManEhsan Aman1:48
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