Cutthroat Island
The Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Prometheus (5400211001578)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 05/04/2005 | Estreno de película: 1995 | Medio: CD


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
Disc 1:
1.Main Title/Morgan's Ride4:38
2.The Rescue/Morgan Saves Harry3:41
3.Purcell Snatcher Brad Dechter2:58
4.Shaw is Caught1:15
5.The Funeral1:29
6.Morgan in Command2:51
7.The Language of Romance2:40
8.A Lady Scorned1:38
9.Carriage Chase7:21
10.Ainclee Plots/To Spittelfield3:46
11.Uncle Mordechai2:02
12.Morgan Captured/Sword Fight5:23
13.Escape from Mordechai's2:09
14.Setting Sail1:03
15.Charting the Course2:19
16.First Kiss/Love Scene/Dawg's Plan3:12
17.Shaw Discovers the Location2:04
19.The Storm Begins2:33
20.To the Bottom of the Sea2:43
21.The Island3:41
22.Shaw Steals the Map3:30
23.Discovery of the Cave4:39
24.Discovery of the Treasure2:19
# Pista   Duración
Disc 2:
1.The Wedding Waltz (not used in the final film version)2:43
3.The Rope2:17
4.Morgan and Shaw Jump Off the Cliff/The Big Jump2:38
5.Shaw Captured2:32
6.Morgan Takes the Ship4:30
7.The Hangman's Noose3:56
8.The Battle/To Dawg's Ship/Morgan Battles Dawg/Dawg's Demise/The Triumph17:54
9.It's Only Gold/End Credits9:45
Bonus tracks:
10.Main Title/Morgan's Ride (without choir)4:48
11.Carriage Chase7:26
12.The First Kiss (album edit)1:56
13.Dawg's Demise/The Triumph (without choir)3:31
14.Morgan's Ride & The Rescue (original synth demo version)7:25
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