The Girl Most Likely

Drg Records 31/01/2003 CD (0021471904024)
Película Musical Estreno de película: 1958


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.The Girl Most Likely (Main Title)2:37
2.We Gotta Keep Up With The JonesesJane Powell, Tommy Noonan and ensemble3:24
3.I Don't Know What I WantJane Powell3:05
4.Beach Party1:21
5.Travelogue (Where Do You Come From?) / BalboaJane Powell,Cliff Robertson, Kaye Ballard et Kelly Brown5:35
6.I Like The Feeling/Pink Cloud MusicJane Powell et Cliff Robertson7:08
7.Crazy HorseJane Powell et children's chorus4:34
8.All The Colors Of The RainbowJane Powell, Keith Andes, Kaye Ballard, Kelly Brown6:36
9.End TitleJane Powell1:09
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