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Original Score

Steven Argila 03/15/2021 Download

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# Track   Duration
2.Lee F-Ing Murray1:19
3.You Promised Me You Weren’t Gonna Cry1:10
4.Just Watching the News0:47
5.He’s Like Encino Man1:21
6.Del Enters the Hospital1:19
7.Excuse Me, Are You Guys Dead1:51
8.Getting Del1:42
9.You’re Lucky She Stood up for You2:24
10.I’m Gonna Have to Make You Stop1:36
11.Livin Like an Outlaw1:51
12.I’m Here as a Friend2:15
13.The Gellar Speech2:17
14.Beware the Garden Gnome1:26
15.Shopping for Del0:35
16.The Competition0:59
18.Record Player1:19
19.Some Girl’s Mother0:58
20.The Title and the Keys1:08
21.Wayne the Barbarian1:46
22.You Aint Brad Pitts1:27
23.What the Hell Is a Kimodo Dragon0:37
24.Del’s Theme2:26
25.He’s Hanging Around Here Somewhere0:37
26.Locked in the Van0:40
27.Angel of Mercy0:36
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Added on Friday, April 09, 2021  


Steven Argila releases his soundtrack album for the YouTube series Wayne. The album contains the composer’s original score from the series

Steven Argila releases his soundtrack album for the YouTube series Wayne. The album contains the composer’s original score from the series

This album is available now to download on Amazon and other digital music stores.

Wayne is created by Shawn Simmons with Mark McKenna and Ciara Bravo.

16-year-old Wayne can't help himself from righting the world's wrongs. Now, against all odds, he and his girlfriend Del are on a road trip to reclaim what’s rightfully his.

About Steven Argila:
A professional musician since the age of 15, Steven has broad experience working in every capacity of the business, including as a composer, producer, songwriter, arranger, music director, orchestrator and performer – often simultaneously. His intense classical training gives him the ability to work in a wide variety of styles.

Steven’s passion for collaboration has led him into virtually every genre, from dramatic, comedy, and musical feature films (Son of the South, Sylvie’s Love, Basmati Blues, The Last Poker Game, Lazy Eye, The Thing About My Folks, Mad Song) to documentaries (Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict, Gilbert and George Day Tripping (Again), Alive and Kicking, What the F@#- Is Cancer and Why Does Everybody Have It?), mocumentaries (Memron), anime and animation (“High Guardian Spice”, “Monster High”, “Max Steel”, “Scooby Doo”), drama/comedies (“Mad About You” Spectrum Originals, “WAYNE” YouTube Premium, “There’s Johnny” HULU, “10 Items Or Less” TBS) video games (“The Quiet Man”), pop records, classical recordings, and musical theater. His talents range from creating lush dramatic scores to quirky comedy cues and everything in between. For the Hollywood-meets Bollywood Basmati Blues, Steven acted as composer, songwriter, and soundtrack producer.

Steven composes, records, mixes, and produces his scores at 88 Keys Music, on the eastside of Los Angeles.

More info at: Official Web Site Amazone Prime

More info at: Composer Steven Argila Official Site


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