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Steven Argila 15/03/2021 Download

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# Track   Lengte
2.Lee F-Ing Murray1:19
3.You Promised Me You Weren’t Gonna Cry1:10
4.Just Watching the News0:47
5.He’s Like Encino Man1:21
6.Del Enters the Hospital1:19
7.Excuse Me, Are You Guys Dead1:51
8.Getting Del1:42
9.You’re Lucky She Stood up for You2:24
10.I’m Gonna Have to Make You Stop1:36
11.Livin Like an Outlaw1:51
12.I’m Here as a Friend2:15
13.The Gellar Speech2:17
14.Beware the Garden Gnome1:26
15.Shopping for Del0:35
16.The Competition0:59
18.Record Player1:19
19.Some Girl’s Mother0:58
20.The Title and the Keys1:08
21.Wayne the Barbarian1:46
22.You Aint Brad Pitts1:27
23.What the Hell Is a Kimodo Dragon0:37
24.Del’s Theme2:26
25.He’s Hanging Around Here Somewhere0:37
26.Locked in the Van0:40
27.Angel of Mercy0:36
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