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Sonic Images US (0782827881528)
Movie | Released: 1998 | Format: CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Black Beauty Trailer (Black Beauty)1:20
2.Angel - Almost (Almost an Angel)2:19
3.Beautician & the Beast (Beautician & the Beast)2:14
4.Alaska Trailer (Alaska)1:57
5.Black Rain Trailer (Black Rain)1:32
6.Broke Arrow (demo)2:21
7.Casualties of War (Casualties of War)2:06
8.For Sir Charlie (Chaplin)1:59
9.Beal's Con Theory (Conspiracy Theory)2:21
10.Pseudo Cool World (demo)1:44
11.Courage March (demo)1:03
12.The Cutthroat (demo)1:17
13.Dead Again (Dead Again)2:08
14.Blessed Dead (Deadly Blessing)2:16
15.Nothing to Lose (Disturbing Behavior)1:40
16.Erased (Eraser)1:34
17.Eye to Eye (demo)2:00
18.Intruder (Flight of the Intruder)2:21
19.Ghost Trailer (Ghost)2:04
20.Ham's Prologue & Epilogue (demo)3:01
21.Three Blind Elfman (Heathers)1:51
22.The Hunt (The Hunt for Red October)1:39
23.I Know What (I Know What You Did Last Summer)0:34
24.In the Line (In the Line of Fire)2:25
25.Independence 2 (demo)1:06
26.Dead Solid Perfect (Intersection) Tangerine Dream1:51
27.Sarah & Jack (Sarah & Jack)2:15
28.Hollywood Latin (demo)2:25
29.Jen 8 (Jennifer 8)1:02
30.Judge Dredd Trailer (Judge Dredd) Jerry Goldsmith0:55
31.Last Man (Last Man Standing)1:02
32.Last Dogman (demo)1:41
33.Tate Jazz (demo)2:24
34.Deadly Sin (TV spot)0:34
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Magic of the Theater/Strawberry & Chocolate (Strawberry & Chocolate)2:20
2.Medicine Man Trailer (Medicine Man)1:49
3.Invisible Memoirs (Memoirs of an Invisible Man)1:54
4.Morph Men (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)1:47
5.Miracle Trailer (Miracle on 34th Street)2:50
6.Woody's Manhattan (demo)1:50
7.Manhattan Night (demo)2:05
8.Noises Offstage (Noises Off)1:35
9.Nothing Much (Nothing in Common)1:27
10.I'll Always Fall in Love with Love (demo)1:57
11.Pagemaster Trail (The Pagemaster)2:17
12.Passed (Passed Away)1:21
13.Academy March (Police Academy)2:20
14.Lyle/Ennio/I'm Not Hoffa (Quiz Show)2:30
15.Stunt Person (demo)0:31
16.School Tie (School Ties)2:11
17.Unmarried White Woman (demo)2:21
18.SkateTown USA Trailer/End Title (disco demo)3:45
19.Basic Instinct Theme (Basic Instinct) Jerry Goldsmith2:21
20.Solo's Solo (Solo)1:57
21.Two Billion $ Off Switch (Solo TV)1:01
22.Species Too (Species 2)2:10
23.Sweet Magnolia (Steel Magnolias TV)1:25
24.SuperCop Promo (SuperCop)1:00
25.Karen's Love Theme (by request)1:04
26.The Grift (The Grifters)1:58
27.Someone Stop Me (The Mask)1:51
28.If They Come at You (demo) (co-composed by Leoncavallo)3:00
29.Three Wishes Teaser (Three Wishes)2:41
30.Ocean Song (demo)1:23
31.StarNever/True Lies Overlay (True Lies)1:37
32.Under Siege Too (Under Siege 2)1:41
33.It's Warshawski! (V.I. Warshawski)1:39
34.Beal's Volcanic (Volcano)0:56
35.White Out (White Water Summer)1:20
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Coming Soon! - 08/10 - Review of Tom Daish, submitted at
This is probably a completely unprecedented compilation album in that it features purely trailer music (unless you count Randy Edelman scores.... OK, joke, sorry but I couldn't resist!). This makes it as frustrating as it is interesting. The most frustrating part is that none of the cues will follow on to produce a coherent album since each track represents a different mood and often a totally different ensemble. One may be a full (synthesised) orchestra and the next jazz or rock or something completely way out. This means that you are often wanting one track to go on, while others you might wish had never started because they are some horrible word-less rock song or something. Many of the tracks actually sound like trailer music - the kind of sweeping ending bit over shots of the film, the Dragonheart Effect. Many of the demo trailers actually don't sound like they could be in a trailer since they give the impression of being self-contained pieces with a constant tone whereas most trailers demand two or more different styles to convey the different moods of the trailer and hence that of the film.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of this is spotting the tracks that sound like scores you own or have heard. There are at least a dozen that I can spot (although there are probably many more given the current vogue to temp-track everything, the epitome of this being the trailer music). It seems strange that producers couldn't afford to use the Home Alone music for Miracle on 34th Street or Hook and The Rocketeer for The Pagemaster. Then again, if this weren't the case, this album wouldn't exist in the first place. Beal's approach to sound-alike music is to take the orchestration, harmony and virtually every element of the original, but to write a completely new tune. More often than not these aren't particularly inspiring, but I guess the atmosphere was more important and perhaps a big tune would be too intrusive in the trailer. There are so many times where tracking something into a trailer just wouldn't work, Star Wars being the most obvious example, no-one would be able to ignore the music and the overall effect of the advertisement would be lost and most people would just recall hearing Star Wars and nothing much else. Therefore, Beal's 'non-tunes' which are just meandering melodies over a more well known background are ideal for trailers.

I have decided not to give this album a rating since it is more of an interesting archive of how trailer music is written than a coherent compilation or soundtrack album. Many people will enjoy the little snippets of musical style, but I found it a little wearing after a while and wanted to grab out the original score to Home Alone and listen to that rather than the tune-less stand in version. This is the main reason I feel a rating is inappropriate since it is an artefact of the album that the tracks would be short and often completely unrelated and in many ways that makes the album exactly what I was expecting and frustrates as I expected as well. I guess some of his favourite ones could have been fleshed out to form longer pieces, but I don't suppose they'd have worked as well in that context. Overall, by all means buy it as a fascinating insight into a world of music composition that is unlikely to come around that often and for that reason I recommend buying it as a unique part of film music history.

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