La-La Land Records (826924120620)
Movie | Release date: 04/24/2012 | Film release: 1927 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 2000 copies

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# Track   Duration
1.Overture/Main Title/Love Theme Wings/Knights and Ladies2:53
2.A Small Town/Mary Preston Had Always/Mary Raises Finger2:10
3.Sylvia and Dave in the Swing/Bon Vivant/Close Up of Mary1:32
4.Youth Laughed0:24
5.In Military Camp/Put Your Moniker1:40
6.Ode to Spring*/She's My Girl/If You'd Seen His Look2:27
7.The Revolving Machine/Comedian Taken Out0:41
8.Hurry #2/You're Game1:37
9.Intermezzo/Chanson/Intermezzo/Aviator White/Air Flight2:52
10.Change of Scene/Comedian Seen/Crusaders1:58
11.Allegro Furioso0:32
12.Count Von Kellermann/L'istesso Tempo/A Midsummer Night's Dream/Second Airplane on Fire/Air Flight4:07
13.Storm/English Trenches3:08
14.Giant Gotha/Grandioso/Soldiers Marching/Escorted By/Over There/Darktown Strutters' Ball3:05
15.Close Up of Mary/Germans Seen0:42
16.Storm/Incidental Symphonies #3/Running Out of Gas3:24
17.Right after Crash/A Midsummer Night's Dream/Say That's the Shooting Star0:45
18.French General Kisses1:20
19.Cabaret Capers/I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/Cabaret Capers2:58
20.Mary Walks to the Table/No War Drinking Song/When Yankee Doodle Learned to Parlez-Vous/Mary Enters/I Understand/They Tur4:39
21.The Cobbler and the Fairy/Another Close Up of Mary1:22
22.It's Sylvia I Love/Jack Stoops Down2:15
23.Incidental Symphonies #51:22
24.Behind the Enemy/Daybreak/Battle Music1:57
25.Airplanes Start1:50
26.Les Preludes1:22
27.The Tempest/Sicilian Vespers/Battle Music/Far in the Enemy/Dave Crawls on Ground/Storm/Soldiers Run5:03
28.One Plane/Jack! Jack!/Jack Shooting2:44
29.After Crash/Change of Scene/Disperazione/Don't Go/My Buddy6:12
30.The Flying Ace1:12
31.Romanza Senza Parole/Mother Close Up/Mary Seen at Fence6:10
32.Jack's Theme1:03
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