The Iron Giant

Varèse Sarabande 01/13/2017 Vinyl - 1000 copies (030206606256)
Movie Film release: 1999

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# Track   Duration
Side One
1.The Eye Of The Storm2:31
2.Hogarth Hughes0:21
3.Into The Forest3:34
4.The Giant Wakes1:25
5.Come And Get It1:46
6.Cat And Mouse0:56
7.Train Wreck1:05
8.You Can Fix Yourself?1:18
9.Hand Underfoot2:00
10.Bedtime Stories2:26
11.We Gotta Hide0:50
12.His Name Is Dean0:48
13.Eating Art0:43
14.Space Car0:59
15.Souls Don't Die4:09
# Track   Duration
Side Two
1.Contest Of Wills4:36
2.The Army Arrives1:34
3.Annie And Dean1:19
4.He's A Weapon2:44
5.The Giant Discovered4:28
7.No Following4:05
8.The Last Giant Piece1:07
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The Iron Giant (Vinyl)

Varèse Sarabande presents: The Iron Giant . (Orange & Yellow Swirl Vinyl) Release Date: 1/13/2017

Michael Kamen's iconic score to The Iron Giant makes its way to vinyl in this B.A.M. (Books A Million) orange & yellow swirl exclusive 180 gram vinyl.

This is the first single LP release of the soundtrack and the first with the original artwork! As the director states in the notes on the vinyl, 'Thank you Michael. I hear this music in my dreams and I always wake up refreshed.' -- Brad Bird

The Iron Giant - (Vinyl)
Music by Michael Kamen
180 Gram Orange & Yellow Swirl Vinyl
Limited to 1000 copies!

Available exclusively through B.A.M.



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