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The Hummingbird Project

Posted by Philippe Mouchon

Added on Friday, March 15, 2019

The Hummingbird Project

Release of the album 'The Hummingbird Project (Movie Soundtrack)' composed by Belgium's Yves Gourmeur. From its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, to the official closing film of the Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Hummingbird Project has been shown to a wide audience in great international festivals such as Vancouver, Busan or London BFI Film Festival.

Already having an impressive exhaustive career as pianist, composer, songwriter and orchestrator, Yves Gourmeur starts his “second career”, this time with his exquisite original score to the Canadian auteur feature The Hummingbird Project. His work on this project just got him nominated for the Canadian Screen Awards 2019. All winners will be announced during the CSA Award Ceremony on March 31st in Toronto.
In order to create the film's original score, Belgian composer Yves Gourmeur and score production company General Score got involved at an early stage of the project: the first tracks were written based on the script and then further developed thanks to 'work-in-progress' footage and edits.

While reading the script, Yves Gourmeur and Arnaud Blanpain, music supervisor at General Score, decided to follow several specific work leads, for instance:
“The soil' and the “digging” are symbolized by the double bass, some drones and acoustic effect on cello, bassoon and bass clarinet.”
“For illustrating the electromagnetic waves, and the topic of computer science in general, both linked to distance and large natural spaces, I draw my inspiration from 'early Internet modems’ connection sounds', using cords effects, in particular the cello’s high-pitched range, but also using similar effects on flute and on saxophone.”
'Vincent's quest: I wanted to transcribe it into pure melodies symbolizing the tragic side of an obsession he pushes to the point of absurdity.'
'All of this above sprinkled with a form of humor and the cutting edge of Eva's character, which is illustrated by the pizzicatos of the violins as well as by silence, used at a couple of particular, well-chosen moments.'
Yves Gourmeur points out that, as far as music is concerned, he 'essentially used acoustic instruments (including the 'General Score' orchestra, some soloists such as Anne Leonardo on violin and Adrien Tyberghein on double bass, among others, as well as Tibetan bowls, piano, etc.)'

The collaboration with director Kim Nguyen gave Yves Gourmeur a necessary leeway:
“Kim’s wish was to achieve an elegant music which would give a particular point of view to characters and narrative. His reactivity to my collaboration with General Score and Arnaud Blanpain, and to the scores sent, was for me the possibility to develop efficiently the music. It was a fantastic collaboration. Beyond his great skills as a director, his capacity to express his wishes and emotions for the music, he is also extremely motivating and positive.”

Director Kim Nguyen about the collaboration with Yves Gourmeur:
'Yves has done a very demanding job and frankly, his music turned out to be one of my favorite soundtracks written for my films. The music fits the film so well giving it elegance and something refined. A unique angle! '

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