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Walk of Shame & Draft Day

Posted by Tim Horemans

Added on Thursday, April 03, 2014

Walk of Shame & Draft Day

Lakeshore Records has released 2 John Debney scores!

Lakeshore Records has released on April 1th 2014 2 new scores by John Debney, Walk of Shame and Draft Day. These scores are available though digital retailers and on Amazon-On-Demand.

WALK OF SHAME marks the first score with the incredibly funny and talented Steven Brill. The score for WALK OF SHAME is a fun journey with tinges of the sounds of the street. It is an acoustic guitar-driven score with some bluesy harmonica thrown in. John Debney said: 'It was a pleasure creating the score for this very funny film.
The total playtime of the score is 30 minutes.

'DRAFT DAY marks my third collaboration with Ivan Reitman, and it is a wonderful film with great performances. Working with Ivan is always intensive but also incredibly stimulating. He is a director with an uncommon focus and I've learned to trust his ears and his musical ideas, said Debney. It was a pleasure writing the score, which is a very contemporary take blending techno, hip hop, synth with the orchestra a blending of styles for a guitar driven score; it is one of my most interesting scores to date. There is a ticking clock sense since the story takes place in a 24-hour period. There is always a sense of pulse and time. The soundtrack has 50 minutes of John Debney's score on it.

Good news for fans of John Debney's music because next week on April 8th 2014 La-La Land Records will be releasing John Debney's score to the video game Lair on a 2CD set. More news will follow.

Track list Walk of Shame

1. Main Titles/Meghan Runs from Rabbis (1:56)
2. Ros & Denise Visit/I Am a Writer of Books (1:38)
3. Meghan Meets Gordon/Chang Is Out (2:03)
4. Relax Meghan/Meghan's Car Towed (1:30)
5. Hooker's Revenge/The Little Yellow Dress/Gordon Rinses Eyes (1:29)
6. Meghan Escapes/Surrounded by Hookers (1:46)
7. My Heels Hurt/Meghan Tries to Steal Bike/High Heel Problems (1:24)
8. Meghan Meets Scrilla/Shootout & Escape (1:20)
9. Goodbye Scrilla/Gordon Sees Meghan's Text (1:06)
10. Meghan Runs with Scrilla/Searches Clothes/Thrown off the Bus (2:00)
11. Gordon Questioned About Subway/Interrogation/Cops Pursue Meghan (1:04)
12. The Search for Meghan (2:40)
13. Meghan Pursued/Crosses Freeway/Helicopter Rescue (3:31)
14. Meghan Sees Tow Yard/Show Me Your Boobs (0:56)
15. Meghan Is Rescued/Will You Help Me (1:21)
16. Meghan Finds Her Car/Escapes/Hasty Exit (1:52)
17. I'm the Breaking Story (2:55)
18. The Girl in the Yellow Dress (1:08)

Track list Draft Day

1. Opening (1:48)
2. Most Desperate Guy You Know (1:29)
3. Ray Jennings (1:14)
4. Seattle Transition (1:30)
5. Well, That's That (1:02)
6. How Important Is Winning? (1:07)
7. God Damn Reverence (0:54)
8. Sacked 12 Times (1:07)
9. Bathroom Mirrors (0:50)
10. Even the Great Ones (1:05)
11. Yes or No (1:34)
12. Women Are Tricky (1:37)
13. U of W (1:01)
14. Buffalo (1:57)
15. The Team I Wanted (1:58)
16. It's Still Callahan (1:48)
17. Game Tape (1:28)
18. Ali Finds Note (1:14)
19. It Was Brian (1:56)
20. God Damn Ashes (1:11)
21. Bo Callahan and Ray Jennings Arrive (1:48)
22. Sonny Calls Bo (1:10)
23. Pre-Draft Parties (1:32)
24. Brown on the Clock (2:55)
25. War Room (0:45)
26. Things I Love About You (1:03)
27. Get Jeff Carson (1:15)
28. Carson Says Deal (1:04)
29. Made a Trade, It's Me (1:30)
30. Get Putney, Different World (3:10)
31. Seattle Gets Bo (1:04)
32. Coach Call Ray Jennings (2:22)
33. We're Going to Have a Baby (1:44)
34. Browns Kick Off (1:31)