Star Trek: Insurrection Complete

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Added on Saturday, July 13, 2013

Star Trek: Insurrection Complete

GNP Crescendo release the complete score on August 6th 2013

GNP Crescendo Records is proud to announce another volume in its continuing series of expanded Star TrekTM releases. Star Trek: Insurrection was the third of four movies to feature the characters of the 19871994 television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the fourth Star Trek feature scored by Jerry Goldsmith. Goldsmith had created a template for Trek films with his score for the first picture in the franchise, Robert Wises Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979). His subsequent scores for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek: First Contact (the latter co-composed with his son Joel) built on that foundation while expanding the musical horizons of the Star Trek universe.

Goldsmith retained many of the time-honored themes and effects of his previous Trek scores in Insurrection, fostering a sense of familiarity while at the same time giving the film a new identity. Because of the lovely romantic subplot, he wrote a score using, in his own words, a much more melodic, romantic approach almost operatic, balancing the lyricism with several exciting militaristic action cues. This equilibrium, along with Goldsmiths restraint in reusing his prior themes and his thoughtful approach to the films villains, makes Insurrection one of the most cohesive of the Star Trek movie scores.

GNP Crescendos new Expanded Collectors Edition of Goldsmiths complete score includes a half hour more music than the original 1998 CD, plus several alternatesfor a total running time of over 79 minutes. The 16-page booklet, copiously illustrated with film stills, includes authoritative notes by Jeff Bond (author of The Music of Star Trek: Profiles in Style) and Lukas Kendall.A track-by-track analysis of the score and film by John Takis will be available online at

Track List

1. Ba'ku Village 6:53
2. Out of Orbit / Take Us In 1:44
3. Come Out 2:34
4. In Custody 1:14
5. Warp Capability / The Planet / Children's Story 2:33
6. The Holodeck 4:35
7. How Old Are You / New Sight 6:14
8. Lost Ship / Prepare the Ship 2:39
9. As Long as We Can 1:40
10. Not Functioning / Send Your Ships 2:55
11. Growing Up / Wild Flowers / Photon Torpedo 2:55
12. The Drones Attack 4:15
13. The Riker Maneuver 3:15
14. Stay With Me 1:48
15. The Same Race 2:50
16. The Collector 1:10
17. No Threat 4:18
18. Tractor Beam 0:38
19. The Healing Process (revised) 5:04
20. The Healing Process (original version) 7:17
21. End Credits 5:30

Total Time: 71:37

Bonus Tracks
22. Ba'ku Village (alternate ending) 3:53
23. The Holodeck (alternate opening) 1:12
24. Growing Up (alternate) 1:21
25. Tractor Beam (alternate) 0:38
Total Time: 7:25
Total Disc Time: 79:02