Nami Melumad
Residence: United States of America
Official site: Nami Composer
Biography: (Updated 2021-01-31)

Nami Melumad is an Israeli-Dutch composer, based in Los Angeles. Her scoring credits include over 130 projects, in a wide range of genres. Most recently she scored the HBO Max comedy, An American Pickle, starring Seth Rogen, the Amazon thriller-drama series, Absentia, starring Stana Katic, and Electronic Arts' VR video game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. She also contributed music and arrangements to Amazon's latest hit, Borat Subsequent MovieFilm. Her score for the Star Trek episode, Shorts Treks: Q&A landed her an upcoming Star Trek series, making her the first female composer for the franchise.

Alongside studio projects, Meluamd takes pride in scoring thought-provoking stories that make an impact on the viewer, such as Subira, Kenya's official entry to the 92nd Academy Awards, about a young Muslim woman who challenges gender stereotypes and tradition; Miss Arizona, a dramedy about a former beauty queen who meets four women at a shelter; More Beautiful For Having Been Broken, a drama focusing on a single mother and her special-needs child; and Not Your Skin, a documentary examining the issues of the transgender community through the stories of people who transitioned in different stages of their lives.

Her works claimed multiple international awards, including the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Passage and Best Short Score at Fimucite for Luminarias (out of 908 score entries), among many other nominations. Her compositions and film scores have been performed by The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra, The Haifa Symphony Orchestra, The Israel Symphony Orchestra of Beersheva, and The Helix Collective Ensemble.

An alumna of the prestigious ASCAP Television & Film Scoring Workshop in 2016, Nami graduated from the SMPTV program at the University of Southern California in 2015 and holds a B.A. in multi-style composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music, where she was admitted directly to sophomore year. Born in Israel, Nami started her musical life as a pianist and a flute player, performing in orchestras and bands, and while also playing guitars and uke. After completing her two-year IDF service she traveled the world with a big backpack (New Zealand, Australia, China, Thailand), and a small backpack (Israel, Europe, Canada, the US). Somewhat like her journeys, Nami's compositions are eclectic: she often blends orchestral sound with less-traditional instruments, vocals, synth, and jazz harmonies.

Nami serves as a board member of the Alliance for Women Film Composers and is a member of Women in Film, LA.