Jamie Christopherson
Birthday: 1975
Residence: United States of America
Official site: http://www.jamiechristopherson.com
Biography: (Updated 2010-02-03)

Jamie Christopherson has quickly gained a reputation for his evocative, unique and powerful music scores. He has composed original music for many films, including Crow: Wicked Prayer (Miramax), Phantom Force (SciFi), Epoch: Evolution (SciFi) and Maximum Velocity (UFO). He has also written music for some groundbreaking videogame projects, such as Lord of the Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth (EA Games), Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle (NCSoft), and more.

Jamie was born in Los Angeles, California in 1975. Growing up in Los Angeles exposed Jamie to film music at a very early age, and it wasn't long before he set up his keyboard in front of the television, turned the TV volume off, and began composing to the images. After studying jazz music and playing piano in various rock and jazz bands throughout high school, he decided to leave home and seek traditional classical music training on the east coast. He received his Bachelor degree in music composition from the liberal arts school, Vassar College, in 1997 and moved to Boston after graduating. While in Boston he worked as a professional music engraver and assisted local film/television composers, often composing or orchestrating for them when needed. A year later, Jamie decided to seek additional film music training and he received his Masters of Music degree from the University of Miami in 2000. By the time Jamie graduated, he had already composed the music to many student and independent films. After graduation Jamie moved back home to Los Angeles, where he landed a job at The Hollywood Edge (a division of Soundelux), a major sound effects and music library company, designing sound effects and composing original music for their newest releases. Soon Jamie began to lend his newly discovered sound design talent to some major motion pictures, such as the movies Blow (with Johnny Depp) and Windtalkers (with Nicolas Cage), while writing music for independent film and television projects in his spare time. A year later, Jamie took over as the creative director at The Hollywood Edge. At this time Jamie also met the videogame composer, Bill Brown, and began assisting him with the musical needs for various projects. As Jamie began composing more music for films and videogames, he decided to leave The Hollywood Edge and start his own music company. In July of 2002, Jamie started his music company, Broken Silence Productions, and has been writing music nonstop since then. He has quickly built up an impressive list of clients, including Miramax, Columbia, New Line Cinema, MGM, EA Games, NCSoft, SciFi Pictures, Industry Entertainment, Gurin Productions, MSNBC, UFO Films, the Independent Film Channel and more. Jamie has established an ongoing collaboration with many producers and directors because of his ability to deliver a fresh, original score within the budget and time constraints of each project. On July 10, 2004 Jamie married his biggest fan, Evelina, at a villa in Malibu overlooking the ocean, after she walked down the isle to the string quartet music that he had composed for her. Evelina's breathtaking vocals can be heard on several of Jamie's scores, including The Crow: Wicked Prayer and Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle. Together they run Broken Silence Foundation, which helps people in need, often through the gift of music.