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The Forgotten

The Forgotten Soundtrack (Laurence Rosenthal) - CD cover
Composer: Laurence Rosenthal
Release date: 07/08/2013 (Film release: 1989)
Label: Intrada Signature Editions (720258104922)
Type: Movie
Buy: Intrada Records
Format: CD
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1. Main Title (2:33)
2. The Castle (1:15)
3. The Room / Pepe Tail (1:10)
4. Piano Source #2 / Piano Source #1 (1:16)
5. Piano Source #2A (0:52)
6. Westford's Toast / Thunderstorm / Head On - Part 1 (1:59)
7. Head On - Part 2 (1:42)
8. Pepe's Suicide - Part 1 (1:40)
9. Pepe's Suicide - Part 2 / Westford Murdered (2:51)
10. Escape To Bonn (2:28)
11. A-Bonn (1:39)
12. Bonn (0:30)
13. Claudia / Dein Vater (1:58)
14. Street Shoot-out / Miller Dies (1:00)
15. In The Streets (2:18)
16. Roth Tails / Park Meeting (0:44)
17. Leaving Peter (2:06)
18. Brady Remembers / Bao Dvan's Story (4:09)
19. The Hunters - Part 1 (4:27)
20. The Hunters - Part 2 / In The Crosshairs (2:34)
21. End Credits (0:49)

Total duration: 40 minutes
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World premiere CD release of Laurence Rosenthal soundtrack for James Keach picture set during Vietnam war, starring Keith Carradine, Steve Railsback. Film was initial original film venture for USA Network, helped bring attention to young broadcaster. Rosenthal creates powerful thematic material, surrounds with action ideas, melodic ones as well. As composer explains, main thematic material is not militaristic, nor even American in tone, but more Romantic in period feel, even Wagnerian. Other highlights include zigzag action rhythms of 'Escape To Bonn', 'The Hunters', which are some of Rosenthal's most exciting cues ever. Entire album was assembled from 1/4' 15 ips stereo session tapes maintained by the composer in pristine condition. Laurence Rosenthal conducts.
Tech Talk From The Producer¡­

This CD of Laurence Rosenthal¡¯s compelling and dramatic original soundtrack from The Forgotten was assembled and mastered from pristine-condition 1/4¡å 15-ips two-track stereo session mixes made at Evergreen Recording Studios. Included within the assembly are Rosenthal¡¯s complete piano source cues, albeit they do not appear in their entirety in the finished film. Several of the orchestral cues are truncated in the film as well but they are included here in complete form, exactly as they were recorded.

While the entire score¡ªwith its elegant main theme and variety of dramatic cues¡ª Intrada Signature Edition | Volume 1049 bears noting, we would like to spotlight the particularly intense cue entitled ¡°The Hunters.¡± Here, with dynamic low string and brass rhythms, staccato figures for woodwinds and propulsive percussion including xylophone, Rosenthal offers what is surely one of the most exciting and energetic action sequences of his long and distinguished career.

We invite you now to tour the dramatic musical world of The Forgotten, with Laurence Rosenthal as your guide.

¡ªDouglass Fake
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