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House at the End of the Drive

House at the End of the Drive Soundtrack  (Alan Howarth) - CD cover
Composer: Alan Howarth
Release date: 09/16/2013
Label: BSX Records (712187489331)
Type: Movie
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Format: CD, Download
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Limited edition: 1000 copies
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1. House at the End of the Drive (4:24)
2. I'll Wait For You (0:32)
3. Night Disturbances (3:19)
4. Dinner With Friends (3:27)
5. Down Below (2:50)
6. Like A Woman (4:01)
7. Electrical Problems (4:35)
8. Repair Man (3:47)
9. Garbage Disposal (4:15)
10. Lets Go To The House (3:59)
11. Funkymen (0:25)
12. Time Warp to 1969 (2:17)
13. Terrence Greene (2:23)
14. Battle Plan (3:18)
15. Fight Back (2:34)
16. What The Hell (2:28)
17. Somebody's Gonna Die (4:25)
18. This Can't Be Real (3:24)
19. Back to Cielo Drive (2:44)
20. Just Another Song (5:20)

Total duration: 64 minutes
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