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$9.99 Soundtrack (Christopher Bowen) - CD cover
Composer: Christopher Bowen
Release date: 04/28/2009 (Film release: 2008)
Label: MovieScore Media
Type: Movie
Listen: iTunes
Format: CD, Download
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iTunes: 9.99


1. The Sunshine Coast (3:29)
2. A Buck's Worth (1:18)
3. The Truffle Shaves (1:15)
4. Like Smoking Chewing Gum (0:51)
5. A Girl Only Prettier (0:50)
6. The Meaning of Life (1:47)
7. Zak's Bedtime/More Wonderful Books (0:54)
8. Almost Perfect (1:30)
9. You Should Have Seen Her Dance (1:49)
10. The Balcony's Edge (0:44)
11. Good Things Never Last/I Pushed Him (2:42)
12. I Want to See You Fly (1:12)
13. Pigs Love Parks (3:04)
14. Feeding the Ducks (0:47)
15. It's Everything... (1:42)
16. Swim Like a Dolphin (2:38)
17. Happiness (3:46)

Total duration: 30 minutes
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