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Film | Releasedatum: 28/04/2009 | Film release: 2008 | Medium: Download, CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Sunshine Coast3:29
2.A Buck's Worth1:18
3.The Truffle Shaves1:15
4.Like Smoking Chewing Gum0:51
5.A Girl Only Prettier0:50
6.The Meaning of Life1:47
7.Zak's Bedtime/More Wonderful Books0:54
8.Almost Perfect1:30
9.You Should Have Seen Her Dance1:49
10.The Balcony's Edge0:44
11.Good Things Never Last/I Pushed Him2:42
12.I Want to See You Fly1:12
13.Pigs Love Parks3:04
14.Feeding the Ducks0:47
15.It's Everything...1:42
16.Swim Like a Dolphin2:38
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