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# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Main Titles3:01
2."Such Talk Is Treason"1:26
3.Confrontation On Common Land1:29
4.The Victim0:51
5."Aye - A Beggar"1:50
6.Arrest Them All1:07
7.The King's Dilemma2:13
8.Parliament Is Dissolved1:48
9."Think Well On It"1:41
10.The River Crossing0:28
11."Be On Your Guard"1:05
12.The Battle Ends1:43
13.The New Army2:31
14."By God - We Have Him"1:13
15.Battle Of Naseby7:16
16.Intermission Overture4:21
17.Act II: Parliament In Session1:53
18.Retreat To Oxford2:45
19."Do You Not Rise Sir"0:32
21.New Army To Parliament0:50
22.Blind Man's Bluff1:43
23.A Crown So Easily Recovered1:45
24.The Hanging3:34
25.The Great Hall1:12
26.Prelude To Execution7:07
27.The Axe Falls4:23
28."I Will Destroy You"2:57
29.Wear A Crown1:36
30."Away With This Bauble" (Finale)3:18
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Main Title; Why Are You Leaving England?5:41
2.This Is The Common Land1:37
3....Declare War On My Own People?2:05
4.Parliament... Is Not A Gathering Of Lackeys To The King1:22
5.My Lord Strafford, You Will Rid Us Of These Troublemakers1:37
6.A Warrant Upon A Charge Of High Treason1:52
7.An Institution Is Known As Democracy2:30
8.This Nation Is Now In A State Of Civil War2:29
9.The Battle At Edgehill3:14
10.The New Army4:02
11.By God, We Have Him!0:55
12.The Battle At Naseby4:16
13.King Charles Is Arrested1:14
14.The Army Will Not Stand Down1:46
15.An England Without A King Is Unthinkable2:29
16.I Will Have This King's Head, Aye, And The Crown Upon It1:04
17.I Am No Ordinary Prisoner, Sir2:33
18.Warrant For The Death Of A King2:20
19.From A Corruptible To An Incorruptible Crown1:37
20.I Will See This Nation Properly Governed, Epilogue6:15


Spectacular find! Frank Cordell's magnificent Oscar-nominated score for lavish Ken Hughes movie about Oliver Cromwell, King Charles I, bloody English Civil War of 1600's and starring Richard Harris, Alec Guinness, was buried beneath an all-dialog LP on Capitol label in 1970. For years our interest in bringing album out on CD was muted by this sad anomaly. Then, in wonderful stroke of fortune, complete stereo session tapes were found in EMI vaults, labeled with other film audio elements (foley work, sound effects, etc.) and seemingly lost forever. Release of powerful score was possible at last! Intrada world premiere 2-CD set features entire score in stereo, including rare 'Intermission' music dropped from prints of film! Highlights are many but of particular note are dynamic sequences for orchestra plus massive chorus throughout. Action cues are exciting. Climax that brings close to part one of film (Battle Of Naseby) is also magnificent. Towering above all is powerhouse coda to entire score, with fortissimo orchestra & chorus ringing triumphant major chords to bring masterful score to spectacular close. Disc 2 presents complete 1970 Capitol LP in stereo from original album masters, offering admittedly compelling dialog (with music excerpts underneath) spoken by two masters of their craft. Spectacular package features original album cover plus exciting alternate 'flipper' cover, handsomely designed by Joe Sikoryak. Informative notes by Frank De Wald complete nice set. Frank Cordell conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!

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Cromwell (1970)

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