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Star Trek
The Deluxe Edition (First Edition 2010)

Varèse Sarabande Club 2010 CD - 5000 副本 (0030209110828)
电影 电影发行: 2009




# 跟踪   持续时间
Disc One
1.Star Trek2:26
2.Narada Boom2:51
3.Hack To the Future1:23
4.Nailin' the Kelvin2:10
5.Labor of Love2:44
6.Main Title0:46
7.Head To Heart Conversation1:08
8.One Proud Mother1:38
9.Hella Bar Talk1:55
10.The Flask At Hand0:29
11.Welcome Back, Spock1:09
12.Vulcan Gets a Good Drilling1:30
13.Hangar Management2:46
14.Enterprising Young Men3:05
15.Flying Into a Trphlthdl3:24
16.Nero Sighted3:23
17.Matter? I Barely Know Her!2:05
19.Chutes and Matter3:23
20.A Whole In My Hearth0:56
21.I've Fallen and I Can't Beam Up!1:51
22.Spock Goes Spelunking1:28
23.An Endangered Species3:10
24.Galaxy's Worst Sushi Bar2:14
25.Mandatory Leave of Absence1:19
26.Dad's Route To School0:34
27.Frozen Dinner1:30
28.You Snowin' Me?0:50
# 跟踪   持续时间
Disc Two
1.Nice To Meld You3:14
2.Hail To the Chief0:52
3.I Gotta Beam Me2:02
4.Scotty's Tanked1:37
5.What's With You?2:12
6.Either Way, Someone's Going Down2:44
7.Trekking Down the Narada2:31
8.Run and Shoot Offense2:03
9.Does It Still McFly?2:02
10.Nero Death Experience5:38
11.Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns2:28
12.Black Holes Have a Lot of Pull0:55
13.Back From Black0:57
14.That New Car Smell4:46
15.To Boldly Go0:26
16.End Credits9:11
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