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The Mentalist
seasons 1 - 2

WaterTower Music 21/09/2010 Download
WaterTower Music 21/09/2010 CD (0794043145438)

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Believe (Jane's Theme)3:25
2.Main Title Theme (Extended Version)1:08
3.Scene Of A Crime3:38
4.Raise Your Hand If You're Guilty1:42
5.Sorry Hurts2:40
6.Careless Clues2:23
7.I Don't Need Saving2:14
8.Lisbon Secrets2:22
9.Restless and Annoyed3:24
10.Reading Between the Lies4:12
11.Closed-Case Donuts1:12
13.Your Worst Nightmare2:38
14.Flowers, Bodies and Smiles5:08
15.Coins and Cards1:17
17.Bait and Switch2:56
19.Maybe Next Time3:13
20.Cat and Mouse2:11
22.Cunning and Coy1:21
23.Off The Case3:45
24.Face to Face4:11
25.Tea Time1:37
27.Prelude In C1:39
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