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Music from the Classic Films of Charles Chaplin

Filme | Ano: 1993 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Eternally [From Limelight] Chaplin, Parsons4:57
2.Foxtrot [From the Idle Class] Chaplin1:22
3.Mandolin Serenade [From King in New York] Chaplin4:10
4.Weeping Willows [From A King in New York] Chaplin3:26
5.Peace Patrol Chaplin2:30
6.Love Song [From the Freak] Chaplin4:34
7.Rumba [From Monsieur Verdoux] Chaplin2:24
8.Tango Bitterness [From Monsieur Verdoux] Chaplin2:49
9.Cancan a Paris Boulevard [From Monsieur Verdoux] Chaplin2:20
10.Medley from Modern Times: Smile/Charlie's Dance/Toy Waltz/In the City Chaplin8:14
11.There's Always One You Can'tForget [1916] Chaplin4:07
12.Napoli March [From the Great Dictator] Chaplin2:37
13.Beautiful Wonderful Eyes [From City Lights] Chaplin3:06
14.This Is My Song [From A Countess from Hong Kong] Chaplin5:45
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