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Lost in Space Volume Three
The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen Volume 7

GNP Crescendo (052824806221)
TV Series / TV filme | Ano: 1997 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
The Derelict
1.Rescued From Space/The Comet Cometh8:36
2.Lost in Space Main TitleSeason One Composed by John Williams.0:58
3.Derelict Title/Don Rescues John and Maureen*5:30
4.The Robot Performs1:19
5.Writing In The Log/Family1:58
6.The Treatment/Swallowed4:18
7.Flashing Lights/Frontal Robotomy0:39
8.Filmy Spider Web/Crystalline Power Source3:30
9.Smart Kid/Bubble Monster5:30
10.Lift Off4:21
11.New Planet/Continued Next Week1:34
My Friend Mr. Nobody (John Williams)
12.Wonderland Discovery2:58
13.Hairstyle Book/Penny's Friend/Diamonds/Penny/Diamond Play Off4:13
14.Penny's Cave/To The Cave/Gathering Wild Flowers/Moving Rocks5:44
15.Mother & Daughter/Penny's Problem5:54
16.Storm Coming Up/A New Galaxy3:57
17.Lost in Space End Credits0:53
Bonus Track Unused Main Title (Waren Baker)
18.Lost in Space Unused 2nd Season Main Title0:48
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Contains music from 'The Derelict' and 'My Friend Mr. Nobody' episodes and Unusued 2nd Season Main Title by Warren Barker.

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