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The Brotherhood of the Bell / A Step Out of Line

TV Series / TV filme | Data de lançamento: 13/09/2010 | Formato: CD
Edição limitada: 2500 cópias

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# Rastrear   Duração
A Step Out of Line
1.Main Title2:34
2.Ball Game Night [Not In Film]1:08
3.Kidney Failure0:44
4.A Chance To Travel/The Blueprint2:37
5.Tall Building0:17
6.A Step Out Of Line2:04
7.We'll Talk/Harry's Diatribe [Not In Film]3:19
8.Gillian Dance Source1:43
9.Set Wires3:11
10.Not To Worry2:21
11.Break In3:28
12.The Safecrackers [Mostly Not In Film]4:37
13.Hot Wire1:21
14.What They Knew [Not In Film]2:36
The Brotherhood of the Bell
15.The Oath3:21
16.The Bell Rings1:00
17.The Assignment2:31
18.The Assignment No. 20:28
19.The Phone Call1:06
20.The Doctor's Demise0:44
21.Free Advice0:24
22.The Assignment No. 30:34
23.Paid Vacation1:13
24.Closed For Business0:46
25.The Denial1:34
26.Tennis Anyone?0:39
27.Something Strange0:37
28.Another Guilty Party1:13
29.An Uninvited Guest1:43
30.The Hospital0:20
31.A Late Visit2:15
32.Vivian Leaves1:46
33.The Solution2:15
34.New Hope2:28
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A Step Out of Line (1971)

The Brotherhood of the Bell (1970)
World premiere release of two early seventies TV movie soundtracks by Jerry Goldsmith! Complete score from each thriller appears, mastered from pristine condition original 1/4' mono session masters vaulted at CBS. A STEP OUT OF LINE stars Peter Falk, Peter Lawford, Vic Morrow, has trio of stars planning perfect heist when things go terribly wrong. Goldsmith supplies requisite action, suspense but also writes several somber string-based cues that were deleted from final picture, including finale of score and film! They are heard here for first time ever! BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL stars Glenn Ford, Rosemary Forsythe, has stars caught up in deadly ever-spiraling web of conspiracy. Goldsmith creates one of his most complex, cerebral scores ever, then balances with straight academia theme for strings. Results are fascinating blend of subtle drama, outright terror! Two of composers most vivid TV movie scores ever! Jerry Goldsmith conducts.

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