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The Triangle

La-La Land Records (826924104323)
TV Series / TV filme | Ano: 2006 | Formato: CD
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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Triangle Main Title2:02
2.Three Ships1:46
3.Cigar Boat6:00
4.To The Edge1:29
6.Where Are We?5:18
7.Meeno In The Mirror1:28
8.Flesh & Blood1:18
9.The Adventurer1:26
11.The Whalers3:01
13.Methane Tanker1:45
14.Taking A Dive4:38
15.Dinner With Mom1:19
16.On The Edge2:44
17.Off Road1:24
19.It's Over2:39
20.New Lives2:40
21.The Cross2:05
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Presenting the original soundtrack to the smash hit Sci Fi Channel Mini-Series THE TRIANGLE, produced by Bryan Singer (X-MEN, THE USUAL SUSPECTS, SUPERMAN) and Dean Devlin (STARGATE, INDEPENDENCE DAY) and starring Sam Neill (JURASSIC PARK, MERLIN), Eric Stoltz (THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, ANACONDA) and Lou Diamond Phillips (24, YOUNG GUNS). Acclaimed composer Joseph LoDuca (XENA, HERCULES, EVIL DEAD I & II, ARMY OF DARKNESS) fashions a powerful orchestral score, harnessing all the excitement and intrigue of this amazing television event. CD booklet includes exclusive liner notes. THE TRIANGLE is the highest-rated Sci Fi Channel Mini-Series since 2002. It makes its North American DVD debut in stores everywhere on March 28, 2006 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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